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The Eames Lounge Chair: The Most Special Birthday Gift

The creators of the Eames Lounge Chair, Charles and Ray Eames, intended to provide a warm-looking piece that would serve as the perfect support for relaxation; an oasis amid hectic daily life. Expectations were far exceeded. So much so that they tried to enjoy themselves the benefits of their creation in their own home, like any other user who was surrendered at the feet of such a piece of luxury. It’s well known that this design was actually created with the special intention of making a birthday present. A gift that the famous couple wanted to make to one of their best friends.

That friend was nothing more and nothing less than Oscar-winning film director Billy Wilder. He was one of the first lucky people to have an Eames Lounge Chair in his home and to enjoy its benefits. Currently, the piece is a product that’s available to the public immediately thanks to models such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design. This Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is an affordable piece that faithfully emulates the experience of using the original design. The Eames Lounge Chair first saw the light of day before the public on one of the most famous television shows of the time: The Today Show.

In later years, the Eames Lounge Chair appeared in various other TV shows and movies. Today, the chair is arguably more revered even than when it was first released and has survived the years and fashions.

The Eames Lounge Chair: a Product Resistant to The Passage of Years

One of the reasons why the Eames Lounge Chair is such a sturdy chair is the combination of its metal frame with the five-legged star base. This base is made of cast aluminum and is shaped to give the seat great stability so that the user can freely recline without the fear of falling backwards. Besides, the piece is upholstered with the finest Italian leather, so it’s able to withstand a long time and preserve its appearance and functions from the first use until many years later. Besides all, the ottoman that accompanies it is a very appropriate source of support that helps the chair to support the weight of the person.

If you’ve had a long day in which you have had to stand for a long time, resting your legs on the ottoman will promote your blood circulation from the legs to the torso. The attention to detail is one of the main factors that make this chair such an outstanding model from the extensive catalog produced by Charles and Ray Eames between 1940 and 1950. The chairs in this duet even include various materials in addition to wood, such as fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum. Some models even include a metal mesh. These designs span a wide variety of colors and are lightweight and friendly pieces with most current aesthetic styles.

If you want to see why this is the most famous design of this couple and one of the most iconic chairs in its style, you can choose a Manhattan Home Design Eames Lounge Chair replica for your home or office. The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is a product very faithful to the original piece.

The Eames Office Chair Can Make an Amazing Difference In Your Office

Work environments can become extremely boring and ordinary if they don’t have the ounce of originality, personality, and good taste that can make a difference. However, there’s a preconceived notion that to have a nice enough office, you need to invest a fortune. However, in many cases, it’s only necessary to add an Eames Office Chair to give it a sophisticated, modern, professional and attractive touch that will be well seen by practically any resident or visitor. The difference between finding an Eames Management Chair replica and a common chair is striking when you know how to make the best use of its aesthetic and functional potential.

If you have a traditional office where you normally see clients frequently, an Eames Office Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design is an affordable and appropriate option. It’s always worth making the best possible impression on your business visitors so that they will want to return and that the time they stay at your facility is enjoyable and memorable. Additionally, the models that Charles and Ray Eames bequeathed to the world in their legendary Aluminum Group Collection include other important pieces to choose from, such as the Eames Ribbed Chair replica and the Eames Soft Pad replica.

Never underestimate the power of an Eames Office Chair and the amazing way it can benefit your business. Turn your office into a space of delight and interest for your workers and visitors.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is Perfect To Transform Your Indoors And Outdoors

One of the most effective ways to choose the perfect spot for your Flag Halyard Chair is to design a floor plan that knows how to find the ideal place not only for this piece but also for all the elements that will be part of the layout. The most common is to draw a floor plan “in a bubble plan” through a map in which each element has its place and its ideal function. Drawing a “bubble” in each area helps to delimit each compartment and generate a scale plan that allows to comfortably visualize the area that each element will occupy. Using a large enough sheet of paper is very convenient to comfortably establish the layout of the space.

Remember that when you decide where you’re going to place your Flag Halyard Chair, you must take into account the benefits that this outstanding design offers you, compared to other chairs. One of the biggest advantages is that it’s a piece that will look good both indoors and outdoors, and will make a significant difference in very high value. Imagine a living room with a Manhattan Home Design Replica Flag Halyard Chair or an outdoor area like a patio, balcony, or terrace. Is it true that in any of these sites the piece would be useful? That’s a reality and involves functional as well as aesthetic aspects.

Add a Flag Halyard Chair reproduction to your floor plan and choose the perfect spot for this piece that will transform your indoors and outdoors into Mid-Century Modern environments of great style and good taste.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is The Design You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Choosing the ideal chair involves considering several important aspects, from the size to the correct materials, including colors and textures. Once you’ve done it, you must find the perfect spot for the piece and the visual relationship it will have with the rest of the elements. Especially when it’s an accent chair or a reclining chair like the Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner, a piece known for being one-of-a-kind, surprisingly comfortable, and capable of enhancing the elegant look of any setting. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with each piece, adding a new sophisticated element can become a headache and a stressful experience.

Falling in love with a style, choosing it, and using it as a source of guidance for your furniture selection is an excellent start, but it’s not enough to achieve the ideal layout. The greatest success is always in trying to add a personal touch with details that are not usually found in any living room; that speaks of the good taste of its creator or owner. In this sense, the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, with its sheepskin finish and amazing aluminum structure that gives the user great comfort, is an economically convenient and aesthetically appropriate option.

Don’t let the process of expanding the visual interest and comfort of your living room be more stressful than it should. Add a Flag Halyard Chair reproduction, and you’ll notice an impressive difference from day one.

The Arco Lamp Will Transform Your Room Into a More Useful and Beautiful Place

Everyone wants the perfect lighting in their bedroom, most of all those who, in addition to sleeping, also use the room to work, read, or spend many hours sitting in front of the computer. When it comes to the bedroom, it should be completely dark if necessary, well lit if necessary, and it must also be possible to apply an intermediate light that serves to orient oneself in the dark. However, a powerful instrument like the Arco lamp can be incredibly useful if you need a floor lamp capable of projecting overhead lighting, that can be directed where it’s most needed and can be used in many useful ways.

The Arco lamp is not only great for its purely technical characteristics but also its aesthetic properties. It’s one of the most iconic models of the Mid-Century Modern style, inspired by the common street lights that were easy to find in its time. The Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design is an incredibly faithful product to the original piece, and it’s a floor lamp designed so that it can be used at a distance of up to two meters from the point where the base is placed, allowing the user to make any activity without the fear of tripping over its sturdy marble base.

Add an Arco lamp reproduction to your bedroom and make it a much more amazing and functional area of your home, with a Mid-Century Modern style!

The Arco Lamp Is a Perfect Piece To Enhance The Light In Your Bedroom

If you want to achieve optimal lighting for your bedroom, you can consider many of the surprising options with which you can create the aesthetic atmosphere and the much-needed functionality. The Arco Lamp is one such example, and one of the ways you can get closer to that goal more easily and quickly. Bedrooms generally have primary light sources permanently installed on the ceiling. However, the Arco Lamp is one of those models that can work very well as a secondary lighting source but, at the same time, is made to be especially easy to move from one compartment to another without requiring superhuman effort.

Floor lamps are currently one of the fastest, most efficient, and recurring mechanisms to add secondary lighting in a very practical way to any bedroom. If it’s about models like the Arco Lamp, this has some additional advantages, considering that the reflector head of the Arco Lamp can be moved in the direction you want and need it most. It’s a model specially designed to provide overhead lighting in a very comfortable and practical way since its robust marble base, which gives it firmness and stability, can even be two meters away from the light-emitting source.

Including an Arco Lamp in your bedroom is not the equivalent of spending a large amount of money. There are options like the Arco Lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design. This reproduction has been developed taking into account each and every one of the technical and aesthetic aspects that made this design an icon of the MCM. Add an Arco lamp to your bedroom and enjoy the advantages that this model can offer you, which go far beyond simple secondary lighting.

The Flag Halyard Chair Combines Rustic With Elegant Characteristics

The Flag Halyard Chair is almost always remembered as a tough, industrial-looking piece, yet its casual and expressive look is just what sets it apart from any rustic and conventional look. One of the secrets of its style is the presence of details such as sheepskin and pillows, which give it a touch of elegance and comfort. The frame of the chair takes advantage of the properties of stainless steel to provide a wide and cozy seat. Its shape is similar to a wheelbarrow, capable of accepting the weight and shape of the body widely.

There are more than eight hundred feet of flag line that covers the chair and makes up the fabric of its seat and back. To protect the floor from scratches, the designer made sure to add angled legs resting on large feet that could visually anchor the shape. The contrast of the soft long-haired sheepskin with the reflective, cold and hard stainless steel creates an effect that is pleasing to the eye and gives it that touch of originality and class characteristic of the great works of Mid-Century Modern style.

Although the great Danish creator never gave up in the search for the perfect chair and was never completely satisfied with his creations because he always sought to generate better designs, at least he knew how to identify when a job was finished. This led him to leave a legacy of more than five hundred chairs and other pieces throughout his career. Currently, the piece is so popular that there are products on the market such as the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, a Flag Halyard Chair reproduction whose characteristics faithfully emulate those of the original design.

The Eames Lounge Chair: a Piece With Many Stories To Tell

Some pieces of furniture become something much more than that when they gain a global presence and are the founders of special memories, often family memories that prevail from generation to generation. Such is the case of the Eames Lounge Chair and its ottoman, which enjoys great popularity on five continents and is also the star of thousands of stories and anecdotes that are very significant for all types of users around the world.

Launched in 1956 by the well-known Charles and Ray Eames, it ended up becoming one of the most relevant and influential designs of the 20th century. Today, it’s such an important chair that even its silhouette is protected by a registered trademark. The piece has stood for more than fifty years in a place of honor within the furniture brand, and is the favorite of all types of users, from CEOs to housewives, students, and ordinary users who want to enjoy a deluxe chair. The duet is not only recognized for this piece, but also for many other modern designs that marked a milestone within their category. However, the Eames Lounge Chair remains their most iconic work.

The Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design also looks to the naked eye as one of the most luxurious and beautiful furniture designs ever created, and no expense was spared to achieve it. If you purchase this Eames Lounge Chair reproduction, you’ll discover that it’s virtually identical to the one on permanent display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Noguchi Table Is Perfect For Environments With Light Or Dark Colors

The Noguchi table is one of those especially dynamic pieces that looks good with practically any style of decoration and can also be integrated into decorative styles that have a dark color palette. On the contrary, if you’re one of those who prefer windows closed, a dim and reserved environment, light colors will help you attract more light to the interior to promote balance. This way, you’ll avoid creating a too dark and without charm atmosphere. Experimenting with colors is an excellent way to transform the vibe of your spaces and make them tell a new story. Let your colors speak for you. Find the perfect color palette for your spaces and make them your most representative brand.

The most common colors in which the Noguchi table appears in sales catalogs are black, white, walnut, and natural. You can choose the one that makes the best contrast, produces a better visual effect, and keeps a more appropriate coherence concerning the final result. Some stores specialized in Mid-Century Modern style pieces, such as Manhattan Home Design, offer the Noguchi table replica, a remarkable quality product, also available in several colors and surprisingly faithful to the original design.

Add a Noguchi table reproduction to your living room and discover the wonderful features of this legendary piece!