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The Arco Lamp: a Superior Product In Many Ways

When the Arco lamp first appeared in 1962, it proved to be a masterpiece for several reasons and in different ways, thanks to what its features showed. This piece is much more than a tool to illuminate: it’s also an artifact of great aesthetic value, capable of greatly enhancing the beauty of an environment.

This makes it a perfect example of a design in which function and style amazingly join forces to offer a superior product in many ways. It’s only enough to take a critical look at its impressive base made of authentic Carrara marble to conclude that it’s a unique piece in its style, made to dazzle and to stand out in its technical advantages.

The creators of this wonder, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, sought to create the definitive lamp model that would allow the user to control the flow of light in a very practical and convenient way. A lamp that really can work well in any environment and which shape was also compatible with the decorating styles that were in full swing at the time.

The result was a piece that to this day continues to be the favorite of millions of users and professionals of interior design and décor around the world and represents a discovery for new generations.

The Eames Lounge Chair Can Be The Star of Your Library

Don’t stress out if you feel like you’ve been waiting for a long time to find the perfect reading chair. It’s something that happens to many people, especially those who are in the process of renovating spaces.

However, for many of them, the answer to this dilemma has been evident from the first meeting: an Eames Lounge Chair can be the perfect chair for your library.

What could be better than having a premium chair, recognized for its great ergonomics and comfort, to fully enjoy your favorite books? An Eames Lounge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design is technically a perfect design for this type of activity and it’s also a product very faithful to the original piece, which gives it an iconic and undeniable representative value.

The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction has long been a favorite in the modern catalog and chosen for reading environments such as libraries, studios, and offices.

Even if you are one of those people who rather like to read in outdoor spaces full of natural light such as terraces, patios, and balconies, this chair is equally perfect because it includes an ottoman for resting your feet.

Charles and Ray Eames put a lot of effort into developing this design, which lasted several years and resulted in a legendary product. It was so successful that it received acclaim from the most demanding public, who paid more attention to quality than price. Over the years, it became an icon of its style that today you can enjoy in your spaces.

How To Prepare Your Tulip Table For Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret to anyone that the Tulip table is one of the most representative accent tables of the Mid-Century Modern style. How to decorate it for a special occasion? There are many ways to do it and many places where it could look spectacularly good according to the theme. A black Tulip table, for example, can look spectacular with ornaments made from sparkling minerals, as if it was sparkling jewelry, just to mention an example.

There are certain alternatives that, for special occasions like the next Valentine’s Day, could work extremely well. One of the best resources in this regard is scented candles. They are wonderful objects that can set an astonishing accent in an aesthetic sense and, at the same time, generate a transforming effect through scents.

Lovers of aromatherapy and stimulating scents will find in scented candles a spectacular gift that will surprise them, and they’ll never consider inappropriate because scented candles are those kinds of things that never exceed and, the more you have, the better.

Also, just imagine the great diversity of aromas that you can choose from to change the spirit of your environment radically and, at the same time, make your Tulip table look like an exquisite piece; the most worthy pedestal for your favorite scented candles. Coconut, lavender, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, orange, are some of the most popular scents in the scented candle catalog.

You can come up with a special selection of candles with your partner’s favorite scents and surprise it with the perfect detail. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the main gift of the occasion, but it does have to be something that you’ll surely appreciate very much.

Your Napa Sofa: a Piece That You Can Surround With Plants

Are you looking for an original, authentic, and pleasant idea to give more personality and freshness to the décor of your interior spaces? A tanned leather sofa such as the Napa sofa alongside a few plants selection is probably the best answer to this need. Have you considered it?

Just think about how good, very accurate, well-selected a tan leather couch look, compatible with the climate of your city or your region, your modern fixtures, and the rest of the furniture, accompanied with plants suitable to survive indoors without requiring too complex care.

Plants can give a natural touch like no other element, they help to renew oxygen and reinforce the color palette. However, you probably don’t always have the knowledge to choose the ideal plants and the perfect place to locate them.

If you have a midcentury sofa and you want it to be surrounded by plants, It’s possible that if you choose your plants wrongly, they won’t look well, they will not survive long, or will deteriorate quickly. To avoid that, one of the main factors that you must consider is the adaptability they have to the temperature, both of the natural environment and those generated by heating and air conditioning since a plant in cold climates wouldn’t last long in an environment of high temperatures and vice versa.

If you go to a store specialized in gardening products, chances are there’s someone to advise you on which plant is best for your type of climate. The Fittonia or the Peperomia are usually recommended for their great ability to adapt to different types of environments and be the perfect companion of your modern sofa all the way.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is a Sign of Good Taste

The Flag Halyard Chair is considered an exemplary design for all that it meant in terms of innovation and modern aesthetics. In fact, it’s surprising that its creator, the Danish Hans Wegner, decided to use materials that weren’t part of his usual canon, leaving aside wood, which had been the main resource of his career.

The metal, the flag line, and the sheepskin would be the main components of this piece. Although in many ways it didn’t resemble the previous creations that made up his catalog, it had that spirit of originality and modern audacity that would earn a very special place in the furniture market and the customers’ minds.

Having a Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair in your living room is a sign that you’re a person with an original vision of how physical spaces should be used with highly functional aesthetic pieces that are efficient and elegant at the same time. 

A Flag Halyard Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design is, indeed, one of the clearest examples of an affordable, iconic product, true to the original.

Surely, you have already imagined it: the perfect spot for your Flag Halyard Chair reproduction within your floor plan. Never underestimate the relevance of this design and the transformative effect it can produce in many settings.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: The Cornerstone Of Your Floor Plan

The importance of drawing a floor plan is underestimated in many cases and for many reasons. Understandably, most of the people who move to a new place and decide to take charge of the design of their spaces by themselves, don’t know very well where to start and don’t know the importance of the floor plan.

Therefore, if your case is one of them, this article will help you understand why the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa or any other piece of furniture deserves to be stipulated in a floor plan to discover the perfect spot where it should be within the place.

The floor plan allows you to clearly and accurately visualize the distribution of the elements within the place, reflecting their exact measurements and the amount of free space available, as long as the floor plan drawing is well done.

Thus, when you receive your midcentury sofa at your doorstep, not only will you know exactly where to place it, but you’ll also have the certainty that you’ve bought a piece suitable for the room’s size since you had previously measured it carefully on paper. 

If your environment is of a minimalist trend, with a modern sofa like that, you’ll already have assured most of the functionality and aesthetics that you’re going to need to make the most of it. Your sofa is the cornerstone of your floor plan and your interior décor.

Tulip Table: The Secret of Its Versatility

For a modern piece of furniture, being highly versatile is a great achievement that should never be underestimated, especially given the diversity of decorating styles that currently reign in the world of interior décor and design.

A piece like the Tulip table, which looks good and is functional in virtually any setting, will have a large market and potential buyer base. Besides, it’s prone to becoming a very popular piece, highly recognized and accepted by the public.

However, the Tulip table doesn’t need to achieve any of these goals because, from basically its appearance in 1956, it became a reference for innovation and originality, so important that it managed to conquer a place in thousands of places around the world.

In fact, the term “Tulip table” is used to encompass a whole collection of different tables of different sizes and shapes, which have in common a conical base that supports the table surface (which can be oval, round, or even rectangular). Besides, there are products such as the black Tulip table, which can work as an accent color in many settings.

On the other hand, the Tulip table replica from Manhattan Home Design is equally an example of quality and versatility, considering that it’s a piece manufactured to emulate the characteristics of the original designs, and it’s something that it achieves formidably well. This magnificent collection by Eero Saarinen is present not only in MCM décors but also in other styles such as Scandinavian, Transitional, Contemporary, among others.

The Napa Sofa Is Perfect For Your Light Color Palette

The development of industrial techniques and innovative production processes allowed the appearance of a large number of options that were applied to all types of designs. During the 1970s, one trend began to dominate and became a very popular choice for modern homes: tan leather sofas.

Models such as the Napa sofa, with its geometric silhouette, comfy cushions, and smooth and elegant finish, have become the favorites of countless homes. One of the reasons for this boom is undoubtedly the strong preference that modern designs had gained by that time, which had almost completely displaced the old classical trends.

Now, the practical and functional features were much more sought after, and a midcentury sofa could offer much more than that. Another reason of great relevance was the color. This tan hue represented the perfect accent shade for light color schemes.

This means an ideal solution for those people who love very light-colored environments such as white, pastel tones, and very warm tones but are aware of the importance of adding accent colors that don’t allow the area to appear saturated, such as recommended by specialists.

Choosing a modern sofa with tan leather upholstery represents, in many cases, an appropriate and convenient step, which adds the charming, practical, and minimalist touch typical of the Mid-Century Modern style.

The Modern Sofa: a Piece of Furniture With Sentimental Value

It’s not wrong to think that the sofa is like another member of the family in material terms. Especially if it’s a modern sofa with great durability, which at the same time is visually remarkable for its design. Surely, you’ll be able to remember more than one special moment that you have spent with your loved ones on your sofa, enjoying their company during a pleasant moment.

After all, a midcentury sofa can be a very striking object for its upholstery, finishes, colors, and also the feeling it can produce when using it if its materials are of high quality. This is something phenomenal that you probably wouldn’t say about many other pieces of furniture in your house.

The aesthetic attributes of one of these pieces can greatly influence the way we remember them and are part of even our most special family photos. A modern sectional, for example, is not only an appropriate design to take advantage of the corners and visually divide very large spaces, but also an attractive model that tends to remain in the memory of the people who use it.

Leather sofas are also often pieces for which users come to have very beautiful feelings over the years since leather, instead of degrading its appearance, becomes more attractive as it ages.

It gets more flexible and soft to the touch, showing an elegant patina as evidence of its authenticity. The best sofas are destined to be part of your family and to earn a special place in your heart and mind. The model you choose will undoubtedly have an indelible place in your personal history.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa Is A Piece Made To Shine

Why do professional interior designers put so much emphasis on light and colors? The answer is: mainly because these two factors are directly related to a harmonious environmental composition. Some furniture pieces such as the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa show some very attractive features, such as that soft and elegant tan upholstery that serves as a cover for very comfortable cushions, designed to give a pleasant user experience.

Imagine for a moment that you enter a living room in which this extraordinary design is present but the lighting or the color scheme that surrounds it doesn’t allow you, for some reason, to fully enjoy the experience of being in a place where you feel comfortable in all senses.

Your midcentury sofa deserves to be exhibited in all its splendor. Every one of those details that the designers put so much care in adding will show your family and friends why it’s the piece you chose from among many others. Beyond that, it represents the evidence that you managed to design a space with the perfect balance between style and functionality, in which things look good and are used well.

In interior design, there’s no greater guarantee of success than that, and that will always be the case, regardless of the style you’ve chosen, the color palette that most identifies you, and even the modern sofa that symbolizes the soul of your living room.