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Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Replica 3

Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Best Black Friday deals

It is hard to find a Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard with a good price in the market. However, during Black Friday there will be some nice offers that may be worth to see. Even more, if you have dreamed about having this Finn Juhl cabinet. 

And how not to?

Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Best Black Friday deals 1
Source: Finn Juhl

1955 sideboard is one of the unique, functional and beautiful pieces ever made during the mid-century modern era. Thanks to reduced options, it has gained the “exclusive” tag among its fellow pieces and has managed to conquer the best-seller spot in stores. Just like in ours. 

Black Friday is arriving in the blink of an eye and you’ll get the chance to find this exquisite sideboard at a die-for price. Only if your cart list ready. For this reason, we decided to help you prepare yourself for the upcoming super sales with this Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Black Friday deals list. 

-%15 off at Rove Concepts

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Best Black Friday deals 2
Source: RC

RC, according to their site, is a curated and crafted experience that connects designer samples with individuals who seek it. It was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2011 and grew from a desire to modernize the industry, focusing on quality.

On their website, you’ll find a Juhl version craft with matte lacquer paint exterior, certified FAS grade walnut veneer, black powder-coated stainless steel with solid American walnut legs. Also, the interior drawer dimensions are 15.4 in (w) x 11 in (d) x 2.2 in (h) and, the interior cabinet dimensions: 27.3 in (w) x 13.3 in (d) x 9.8 in (h).

During this season they are offering an early Black Friday Sale, which is already on. You can get various types of furniture from mid-century modern to Italian inspired designs, including this piece, with 15% off sitewide + 15% with their back-in voucher.

Click here to give it a look!

-%40 at Matt Blatt

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Best Black Friday deals 3
Source: Matt Blatt

This is an Australian online store which states that they “rather die than be dull” and are all about creating happy spaces and experiences. They believe they’re not just in the furniture business, but in the entertainment business. So, they’re sure about being ready to entertain people on the next BF.

Starting on the 29th of November, lasting three days, you’ll be able to get a %40 discount on all their furniture. 

The Finn Juhl Sideboard reproduction they sell is three pieces in one. Featuring reversible doors that can go from citrus brights and white to classic oak or walnut, as well as striking multi-colored ombre drawers that can be shown off or kept secretly behind closed doors.

It doesn’t include metal details and it’s not free shipping to the USA. But, is cheaper than the RC version. 

-%60 at My deal

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Best Black Friday deals 4
Source: My Deal

Just like Matt Blatt, MD is an Australian retail marketplace, that exists to connect millions of consumers with thousands of Australian retailers. They’ve dedicated to providing goods all around the world at great prices since 2011. But, they don’t have free shipping for the USA. 

On BF, they’ll have offers going from -%60 off in their furniture department to -%90 off on their clothing store. 

Although, their Sideboard costs under $1,500, you’ll have to pay for the shipping if you live in the US. This can increase the numbers by almost $1000 away from the original price. 

Overall, the piece is great, but you have to be aware of their replica characteristics.  My deal sideboards are crafted only using finish wooden; avoiding the metal detail that’s crucial on the original version. Its dimensions are: 195cm large, 46cm wide and, 90cm high.

Take a look at it, here!

-%70 off at Manhattan Home Design + Free shipping

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Best Black Friday deals 5
Source: Manhattan Home Design

MHD is a high-quality knock-off, part of Goldman Sachs program, store that strives to bring the best mid-century modern furniture replicas at an accessible price to its international clientele.

During Black Friday we’ll be offering a -%75 off in all our furniture, including the Finn Juhl masterpiece. The best part is that all our products include free shipping for people inside the US. So, you better save space in that cart for the Juhl 1955 creation! 

On the other hand, contrarily, to the other 1955 options. Our replica includes the iconic cold steel matched with vibrant colors and a natural wood frame. Indeed, the reproductions we made are modeled exactly after the classic Danish modern style; which, includes brilliantly simple metal imprints.

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Best Black Friday deals 6
Source: Manhattan Home Design

MHD Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard is expertly manufactured with a veneered frame in walnut, positioned on a hand-burnished steel frame with solid walnut wood dowel pin legs to produce a durable foundation that holds the whole structure. This version, just like the original, features 2 easy-glide slippery doors which open up 2 compartments, one open and another 2 adjustable shelves, finished by six stylish drawers painted with Goethe’s color chart in a harmonious cohesion. 

Don’t lose the chance to get this amazing masterpiece at an amazing price. There’s only one week left to make the decision. Don’t sleep on it!

Make good use of your savings and get now on MHD!

Happy deals!

Modern Living Room Design Ideas You’ll Love

When it comes to creating the modern living room you’ve always dreamed about, it can get intimidating. Whether it’s paralysis by analysis, or just your design sense going amiss, it’s hard to know where to start, or which elements to incorporate into your home.

Does it make sense to have an accent wall? Can you add assorted or retro pieces? Should you go with the gray or the blue sofa?

We get it!

Barcelona Designs’ got the furniture for your modern living room. But to make sure you start heading in the right direction design-wise, we brought you these tips on what goes into designing the perfect modern living room! Here are eight brilliant interior design ideas to help you create the modern living room of your desires!

Sofa Sets Aren’t All That

Barcelona Chair in living room

Committing yourself to a style will guarantee a coherent pulled-together look, especially when it comes to modern living spaces. Pledging to a style doesn’t mean packing a room with a complete living set. Doing this leaves you with a matchy-matchy space that will, in turn, leave it feeling flat. 

Choose foundational items like your sofa, rug, and armchairs that are different but also complement each other. Sprinkle in other design styles or elements as long as they do not compete with your overall intention.

Clean lines challenged by a few bold elements like pendant lights instantly demand attention. A room doesn’t have to feel matchy, everything can work together and at the same time feel balanced and deliberate.
You can get started with a modern sectional and then add some modern lounge chairs to complement the seating. You can include two side chairs to match the materials in your home, and then a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair as a bow to mid-century modern designs, incorporating both leather and steel into the space.

Make a Seating Plan

Barcelona Chair
Source: Hug-Fu

Your modern living room should support form and function, starting with a seating plan. 

When considering your living space, it’s important to address one of its most important features, seating. This is where we gather with friends and family, binge-watch Netflix, even work. It’s always awful when your home doesn’t have enough seating. Of course, there will always be limitations with the size of the room, and space planning before purchasing is an absolute must.

Modern calls for clean lines and open spaces, so there is a fine line between look and functionality. If needed, ask for professional help from an interior designer to draw up room layouts. This ensures that you purchase pieces that work in your space. 

A large custom angled sofa adds plenty of seating to any room, making the most of the space without trespassing into the middle of the room. Whether your room is large or small, the goal is to add the right combination of a sectional sofa, modern sofa, and accent chair to provide as much seating as possible without making your home feel crowded!

White Walls Make Modernizing Easy

Barcelona Chair
Source: Urban Player

One of the most important things for modern homes is white walls. Modern design is all about producing visual interest through color and art. Having a neutral backdrop makes artistic pieces stand out.

White walls create a nice, clean canvas, to which you’re free to add pops of color with wall art and pillows. Add one or two Barcelona Chairs- no shame in replicas – or even a mid-century modern sectional, with an understated rug to create a stylish, classic base of furniture. You can find great options with Barcelona Designs or other recognized sellers.

Mix Materials Without Hesitation

Barcelona Chair
Source: Greer Interior Design

Our best advice for creating a fantastic modern living room is to mix materials. Combining various finishes to create a layered look contributes to an overall lively design.

Using a mixture of various materials helps ground a large living room in its airy space. A mix of fabrics in leather, velvet, and linen bring in great texture and are compensated by the exotic wood on the coffee table and stone in the side tables. Including brass and bronze metals gives the space a raised look, without ‘matching.’ Balancing the varied finishes in spaces gives you a layered and attractive design.

Instead of adding color through art, you can use modern, colorful furniture to make a statement.

Design Your Living Room Around Your Lifestyle

Barcelona Chair
Source: Home Edit

Technology is reshaping the way we interact with everything, from each other to our homes. Between reading on our iPhone and shopping on our iPads, we’ve lost track of an important design element in every home!

When planning a living room space, consider modularity, comfort, and organization. With the advent of tablets and smartphones, any room can be used for that, it’s no longer reduced to the living room. This change opens possibilities for a space that would have been centered around the TV years back.

Thinking about this shift, approach a living room as a multifunctional space. Keeping a minimal palette and the room clutter-free lets it be whatever you need it to be, from relaxing to entertaining. Discard anything that might feel extraneous, comfort is the ultimate goal and having an inviting space is key.

With screen sizes changing faster than our kids go through laundry it’s worth considering how you want to orient your living space. Modular sectionals, or even sofa beds, enable you to use your living room in ways we couldn’t even imagine five or ten years ago.

Planning your living room for adaptable spaces will make your home more welcoming and useful for years to come.

Add Only What You Love

Barcelona Chair
Source: Pinterest

Our last tip is simple, remain patient always. Your living room is one of the most commonly used spaces in your home, and it’s worth getting it exactly right! 

When planning a room or a house’s design it’s easy to go out and buy the items you like. But, real personality comes out in the pieces that you find along the way like a one-of-a-kind vintage store find or your grandfather’s hat to hang on a gallery wall. Don’t rush to finish decorating, rather start with your larger items like furniture and rugs and then slowly add what you love.