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Three Reasons You Should Own An Eames Lounge Chair In 2021

These have been difficult times. The present has been very dizzying, the future more uncertain than we thought it would be and the problems derived from the pandemic turned more than one of your plans upside down, without a doubt. In this context, the reasons why you should get an Eames Lounge Chair are several and here we list three of the most important:

  1. You deserve it. Just think about all that you have worked for your well-being. An Eames Lounge Chair is the least you can bring into your life to make it more pleasant and enjoyable.
  2. It’s much more than a piece of furniture. Even if you choose a decent Eames Lounge Chair replica, like the one from Manhattan Home Design, you’re getting an iconic model whose value goes way beyond the obvious. These replicas faithfully emulate the characteristics of the epic original design.
  3. You don’t need a special reason to have it. Your Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is meant to improve your quality of life, and that’s something for which you shouldn’t need any additional excuse or explanation. Not only is there nothing wrong with investing in a product that will make you feel better inside and out, but it’s a benefit that anyone should be able to enjoy without complications.

The Arco Lamp: an Artifact Made For Life

Much has been said about the amazing aesthetic features of the Arco lamp and how that value can enhance the overall appearance of many environments. The magnificence of the lamp is undeniable. Just take a look at its stunning stainless steel arc, robust marble base for balance and firmness, and powerful reflector head to know that this lamp’s beauty is in a higher than average category.

However, interior design specialists and users should never forget that this particular model was made to equally succeed in a functional sense. The technical details that make this artifact both useful and beautiful represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. That is one of the main reasons why it won applause from the public, especially Italian customers.

Although the popularity of the lamp reached such a magnitude in Italy that it’s currently believed that 10% of Italian homes have this model in their homes, its relevance extended to other strata. Today, for example, there are pieces like the Arco lamp reproduction by Manhattan Home Design, a product that faithfully emulates all the details of the original design created by the Castiglioni brothers.

Buying a high-quality Arco lamp replica like that represents something very convenient for users, taking into account that all those characteristics and advantages that made the original design great can be found in a faithful reproduction that will improve their quality of life in many ways.

The Eames Lounge Chair: More Than You Really Need?

Some people have a very obvious kind of prejudice about products of all kinds that signify a luxury or a purchase that could really be more modest. However, there are several reasons to think that the Eames Lounge Chair is not exactly a luxury acquisition, but a piece of furniture that you not only need but would make a great contribution to your life that would significantly improve its conditions.

If you think this is an exaggeration you should think twice and stop to review the details and advantages that have made this design one of the most recognized and valued in the Mid-Century Modern style.

First of all, the Eames Lounge Chair can give you one of the most ergonomic user experiences, a feeling of comfort so nice and memorable that you’ll want it to be repeated many more times. You’ll feel like you’re on a personal throne that you’ll like to go to again and again.

Also, this piece doesn’t necessarily represent an exorbitant investment of money, taking into account that there are options such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, a product that fully emulates the characteristics of the original design.

An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is one of those needs that you didn’t know you had until the day you came home exhausted from work and felt that you really needed a seat in which to rest, breathe, meditate, and enjoy an unforgettable moment of relaxation that definitely you deserve.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: Much More Than an Ordinary Sofa

A modern sofa is more than you can imagine. It’s amazing how in less than a hundred years industrial innovations, increasingly sophisticated designs, and the appearance of resistant, attractive, and interesting materials allowed the creation of models destined to conquer the public’s taste.

The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa, for instance, is a pure sample of Modernism applied to a highly efficient, comfortable, and durable sofa. Normally, people choose a certain sofa according to their preferences, the floor plan they’re designing, its colors, materials, finishes, and so on.

A mid-century sofa is much more than it seems: it’s the result of many years of evolution of an industry that left behind the unnecessary ornamental details and the old restrictions typical of Victorian and classic designs to make way for models focused on the functionality, ergonomics, practicality, and a simple aesthetic compatible with almost all the most popular décor trends today.

The modern catalog also brought technical innovations that a few decades ago were unsuspected, such as modular sofas and some types of convertible sofas whose operation is amazing. It’s interesting to think how the industry has evolved to offer much more than what users expected and redefine Modernism in favor of staying in line with the user’s lifestyle and a moment in history when people only want the best.

The Eames Lounge Chair: a Feat of Modernism

We all love the benefits that a high-quality chair can bring. Having that kind of personal throne where we can rest, breathe calmly, and feel like we can take a break from the routine is a sensational advantage if you have a modern piece like the Eames Lounge Chair.

Those who don’t know its history probably believe that they are in front of a simply beautiful or comfortable chair, but it doesn’t take an expert in the history of Mid-Century Modern style to know that it’s actually one of the most legendary pieces of furniture and with long-lived fame that has endured for decades and spans several generations.

This masterpiece is recognized for several reasons. The instructions that its creators Charles and Ray Eames specified in their plans are so valuable that some current products such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design follow them faithfully.

After all, the design is the result of many tests that proved the strength, quality, durability, and user experience that they could offer when combined. The astonishing duet achieved what no one had achieved until then: delivering a premium chair, whose technical and aesthetic characteristics were in keeping with its time.

The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is currently present in thousands of homes, apartments, and offices around the world. Its users and owners display it as one of the most endearing, famous, and valuable achievements of furniture design of the last century.

Technical Aspects That Make Arco Lamp Great

The Arco lamp is one of those legendary artifacts that appeared at the right moment in history when it was needed most. The feat of the Castiglioni brothers was a legacy destined to become part of the collective imagination associated with the explosion of the Mid-Century Modern style as a trend that forever transformed the world of furniture and fixtures.

By then, many different floor lamps already existed and industrial advancements after WWII allowed for their mass production in a fluid and sustained way. However, the new Modernism sought to refine, improve and take to the next level all the aspects that a modern piece could offer.

The Arco lamp was a great achievement, both aesthetically and functionally, considering that it was the first modern lamp designed to comfortably offer overhead light in a way that no other lamp had successfully achieved in the past.

The great difference of the Arco lamp is that it combined attractive materials such as stainless steel and Carrara marble (a combination that still amazes people today). Its wide arc of up to 90 inches in height allowed an innovative effect: keeping the reflector head away from the sturdy base, which gave it the necessary balance and firmness.

This means that the user could move freely around the reflector head without fear of tripping over the base. This represented a solution and a relief for many, many people who didn’t want or couldn’t install a ceiling lamp in their compartments.

Today’s products like the Arco lamp replica faithfully imitate these attributes and emulate the experience left behind by the original design. An Arco lamp reproduction is a valuable design in many ways and for many reasons that it can be an important part of your layout.

Everything You Can Expect From a Modern Sofa

If you have already overcome the “indecision stage” when you didn’t know exactly which was the perfect modern sofa for you that would be compatible with your living room, decorating style, your rhythm of life, personality, needs, tastes, and preferences, and you already have in mind or you have bought the design that you considered the most convenient, but don’t know exactly what to expect from it, you can start by always keeping in mind that a modern sofa can be the soul of your living room or any other compartment where you decide to place it.

A midcentury sofa can be very dynamic, and the wide catalog of available options varies greatly in colors, materials, textures, finishes, sizes, designs, and styles. A modern sectional can be very different from a corner sofa or a modular sofa and still have that same flair and the same aesthetic spirit, taking into account that the designers of these types of pieces are inspired by the practicality, functionality, and durability of the product. Leather sofas often become the best friends of men who carefully design their man cave.

The best sofas can fully respond to an aesthetic and functional need that you have and can become very important allies to cope with your daily life. The great secret is in finding the perfect model for you. You just need to take a walk through all the available options and the sofa of your dreams will meet you.

Tulip Table: Shimmering Finishes and Curved Lines You’ll Fall in Love With

Each aesthetic style has its own ways of manifesting and expressing itself through the discipline in which it’s applied. Biomorphism, as a trend that seeks to emulate certain lines and shapes belonging to the natural world, specifically living beings, was the source of inspiration for innovation in many ways within the aesthetics of modern furniture.

The Tulip table is one of the most outstanding examples. Not only does it bear that name that directly reflects the evocation of the flower in which it was inspired, but it’s also considered a very artistic piece due to its reflective finishes, with an immaculate tone that adds a lot of value to an environment.

Furthermore, biomorphism isn’t based solely on aesthetic aspects. The Tulip table, having that flower shape, also represented an amazing technical innovation, by completely eliminating the traditional four-legged shape that supported the top and replacing it with a single conical column that gave more freedom to the users’ feet and allowed a more comfortable and pleasant use. The Tulip table had many versions and today there are all kinds of variations in sizes, shapes, and colors, including the black Tulip table.

They all have in common great respect for the ideas of Eero Saarinen. The Tulip Table replica by Manhattan Home Design continues to reign as one of the store’s best-selling products due to the great popularity that, even in 2021, this piece is still having.

The Arco Lamp: Why Is It An Advantage For You?

The Arco lamp is known throughout the world for being one of the undisputed icons of the Mid-Century Modern style. It conquered the world in the 1960s and is so popular today that, according to the latest figures, an Arco lamp exists in at least 10% of Italian homes. However, not everyone knows its technical and aesthetic advantages.

Having an Arco lamp means having an amazingly useful fixture, which you can relatively easily move from one compartment to another within the house thanks to its user-friendly design.

The Castiglioni brothers, its creators, included a cylindrical hole that goes completely through the marble base of the lamp, into which you can insert a broomstick and drag it comfortably.

Besides, there are products such as the Manhattan Home Design Arco lamp replica, a piece incredibly faithful to the original, affordable design, which provides all the technical advantages of the authentic piece.

This means that, for example, in a living room with a very high ceiling, in which placing a ceiling lamp is not a good option, an Arco lamp reproduction can be the perfect solution. After all, it’s a model capable of offering overhead light.

The advantages of the Arco lamp are not limited to technical aspects but also aesthetics. Just take a look at its gleaming components: its robust piece of Carrara marble and its imposing stainless steel arch, to discover its great magnificence.

The Eames Lounge Chair Can Be The Masterpiece of Your Office

It’s easy to find all kinds of websites with articles about tips, recommendations, suggestions, and interesting facts about interior design and décor. However, many times we ignore that the workplace also deserves to be configured correctly, taking into account that it’s the place where many people spend more hours a week than in their own homes.

In that sense, the positive benefits of owning an Eames Lounge Chair are innumerable. This chair can easily become your favorite spot in your office due to its great ergonomics, comfort, and durability. It’s that luxurious seat in which you can sit to try to clear your mind in the moments when you feel most overwhelmed and need your thoughts to flow more freely and naturally.

It can be your perfect companion during your breaks and, thanks to its ottoman, it can even become your favorite support for those little naps that do you so much good. On the other hand, the aesthetic, modernist, sophisticated, and elegant contribution and the visual effect that it causes in practically any environment in which you put it is indisputable.

It’s not necessary to invest a fortune in this chair since there are options such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, a model made to suit your needs to let you have that office of your dreams equipped with that luxury piece that you need so much and the one you probably haven’t thought about until now.