Ducaroy Chair 3 Seater Sofa: An Unmistakable Modern Creation

Originality is a kind of very special magnetic force for many since it’s capable of stealing the attention and glances of more than one unsuspecting person or a mind accustomed to paradigms, archetypes, and commonplaces. That’s why, when Michel Ducaroy presented his Togo sofa, (also known as the Ducaroy sofa) in 1973, it stole the attention of many users and critics specialized in modernist design. Others, however, were overwhelmed to discover a model that was simply way ahead of its time.

It’s not surprising that today there are so many people interested in this piece, wanting to make it part of their spaces. The Michel Ducaroy Togo sofa is the result of the natural evolution of an aesthetic style that had been finding its own paths since the beginning of the century, which was reinvented in the middle of that same century, and which was now preparing to conquer the taste of new generations. Therefore, the unmistakable shape of this piece, which its own creator compared to a “bent toothpaste tube” broke with all the molds and notions of a “modern sofa” to bring the public closer to the idea that any shape for a seat was good if it was able to provide comfort, ergonomics, durability, and great versatility.

Consequently, the Ducaroy sofa and the rest of the pieces that make up its collection gained more and more acceptance over the decades and continued to look just as interesting and timeless, to the point that many people who discover it can’t believe that it’s a piece that was presented almost fifty years ago. Most of the stores that offer this design in their catalog have a wide variety of colors and finishes, but whether it’s in fabric, leather, or upholstered in synthetic materials, one thing is certain: this sofa will remain in the mind of anyone who comes across it.