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The Arco Lamp: an Artifact Made For Life

Much has been said about the amazing aesthetic features of the Arco lamp and how that value can enhance the overall appearance of many environments. The magnificence of the lamp is undeniable. Just take a look at its stunning stainless steel arc, robust marble base for balance and firmness, and powerful reflector head to know that this lamp’s beauty is in a higher than average category.

However, interior design specialists and users should never forget that this particular model was made to equally succeed in a functional sense. The technical details that make this artifact both useful and beautiful represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. That is one of the main reasons why it won applause from the public, especially Italian customers.

Although the popularity of the lamp reached such a magnitude in Italy that it’s currently believed that 10% of Italian homes have this model in their homes, its relevance extended to other strata. Today, for example, there are pieces like the Arco lamp reproduction by Manhattan Home Design, a product that faithfully emulates all the details of the original design created by the Castiglioni brothers.

Buying a high-quality Arco lamp replica like that represents something very convenient for users, taking into account that all those characteristics and advantages that made the original design great can be found in a faithful reproduction that will improve their quality of life in many ways.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: Much More Than an Ordinary Sofa

A modern sofa is more than you can imagine. It’s amazing how in less than a hundred years industrial innovations, increasingly sophisticated designs, and the appearance of resistant, attractive, and interesting materials allowed the creation of models destined to conquer the public’s taste.

The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa, for instance, is a pure sample of Modernism applied to a highly efficient, comfortable, and durable sofa. Normally, people choose a certain sofa according to their preferences, the floor plan they’re designing, its colors, materials, finishes, and so on.

A mid-century sofa is much more than it seems: it’s the result of many years of evolution of an industry that left behind the unnecessary ornamental details and the old restrictions typical of Victorian and classic designs to make way for models focused on the functionality, ergonomics, practicality, and a simple aesthetic compatible with almost all the most popular décor trends today.

The modern catalog also brought technical innovations that a few decades ago were unsuspected, such as modular sofas and some types of convertible sofas whose operation is amazing. It’s interesting to think how the industry has evolved to offer much more than what users expected and redefine Modernism in favor of staying in line with the user’s lifestyle and a moment in history when people only want the best.

Technical Aspects That Make Arco Lamp Great

The Arco lamp is one of those legendary artifacts that appeared at the right moment in history when it was needed most. The feat of the Castiglioni brothers was a legacy destined to become part of the collective imagination associated with the explosion of the Mid-Century Modern style as a trend that forever transformed the world of furniture and fixtures.

By then, many different floor lamps already existed and industrial advancements after WWII allowed for their mass production in a fluid and sustained way. However, the new Modernism sought to refine, improve and take to the next level all the aspects that a modern piece could offer.

The Arco lamp was a great achievement, both aesthetically and functionally, considering that it was the first modern lamp designed to comfortably offer overhead light in a way that no other lamp had successfully achieved in the past.

The great difference of the Arco lamp is that it combined attractive materials such as stainless steel and Carrara marble (a combination that still amazes people today). Its wide arc of up to 90 inches in height allowed an innovative effect: keeping the reflector head away from the sturdy base, which gave it the necessary balance and firmness.

This means that the user could move freely around the reflector head without fear of tripping over the base. This represented a solution and a relief for many, many people who didn’t want or couldn’t install a ceiling lamp in their compartments.

Today’s products like the Arco lamp replica faithfully imitate these attributes and emulate the experience left behind by the original design. An Arco lamp reproduction is a valuable design in many ways and for many reasons that it can be an important part of your layout.

Everything You Can Expect From a Modern Sofa

If you have already overcome the “indecision stage” when you didn’t know exactly which was the perfect modern sofa for you that would be compatible with your living room, decorating style, your rhythm of life, personality, needs, tastes, and preferences, and you already have in mind or you have bought the design that you considered the most convenient, but don’t know exactly what to expect from it, you can start by always keeping in mind that a modern sofa can be the soul of your living room or any other compartment where you decide to place it.

A midcentury sofa can be very dynamic, and the wide catalog of available options varies greatly in colors, materials, textures, finishes, sizes, designs, and styles. A modern sectional can be very different from a corner sofa or a modular sofa and still have that same flair and the same aesthetic spirit, taking into account that the designers of these types of pieces are inspired by the practicality, functionality, and durability of the product. Leather sofas often become the best friends of men who carefully design their man cave.

The best sofas can fully respond to an aesthetic and functional need that you have and can become very important allies to cope with your daily life. The great secret is in finding the perfect model for you. You just need to take a walk through all the available options and the sofa of your dreams will meet you.

The Flag Halyard Chair: Why Is It So Different From Other Chairs?

Danish Hans Wegner knew he was creating something very special when he conceived the main idea for the Flag Halyard Chair. This chair wouldn’t only become one of the Mid-Century Modern style icons, but it’s also a type of accent chair unique in its style, for its materials, design, and the details that make it a spectacular piece of furniture.

The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair is highly resistant thanks to its stainless steel structure. However, its designer didn’t want its seat to be made up of typical cushions that he used to place in his models made of wood. It was then that he decided to create a flag line fabric to form the seat and back.

This means that the user experience is very different from that of traditional accent chairs and stuffed cushions used in most highly recognized designs. All this while remaining ergonomic and comfortable.

Products such as the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design perfectly respect and emulate the materials and aesthetic aspects of this masterpiece, including its sheepskin cover and leather upholstered pad.

A Flag Halyard Chair reproduction is unlike any other accent chair that you can find in any modern catalog and this is something that you will notice from the first minute you use it.

What Kind Of Modern Sofa Is Best For You?

Never doubt the importance of your modern sofa. Not only because it’s the common point of family reunions but also because it’s a piece of furniture to which we owe many moments of rest and relax.

There are many options you can choose from, depending on the upholstery, size, and functionality that you need and prefer. Therefore, the final choice you make has higher importance for your decorating process.

Many environments can go from boring to exciting just by adding the right mid-century sofa. Leather sofas, for example, can be perfect for environments where earth colors or very warm tones predominate.

Those are models with very easy-to-clean finishes, which gain flexibility and softness as they age. A modern sectional is especially suitable for covering large spaces and making the most of every square meter.

There’s something that the best sofas on the market have in common: they represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality and can make an unbeatable contribution in both ways.

In other words, a model that feels good and looks good and also has exceptional technical features, such as sofa beds or modular sofas, will be suitable in practically every case you can imagine. Just knowing how to make the right choice is enough to bring a new spirit to your spaces.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa Will Give You What You Need

Never relate the compartment’s size with the number of elements you need to add to express and design your aesthetic and decorating style. Many people prefer to stick to recipes and put creativity and innovation aside. Others, instead, try to take advantage of every square inch of an area to find their very own formula for interior design and décor.

A Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa can represent the cornerstone of a layout of many types, considering its versatility, regardless of whether it’s a minimalist or maximalist type of décor, whether it’s a compartment with large or very small dimensions. The most important thing is that it’s an environment compatible with the lifestyle of its occupants and that it can also reflect their personality and preferences.

Choosing an appropriate midcentury sofa is always important, and it can even be the starting point for radical changes, but that’s not all. Harmony, balance, and details that can give meaning, coherence, and sufficient functionality that will transform your environment into what you want and need.

A modern sofa almost always lives up to expectations. They’re generally the main pieces of minimalist environments where “less is more”. Thanks to the fact that there are models of different sizes and functions, with upholstery made of fabric, leather, and even synthetic materials, users have a world of possibilities, since these pieces are the tools to start an unforgettable decorating process.

The Arco Lamp: a Superior Product In Many Ways

When the Arco lamp first appeared in 1962, it proved to be a masterpiece for several reasons and in different ways, thanks to what its features showed. This piece is much more than a tool to illuminate: it’s also an artifact of great aesthetic value, capable of greatly enhancing the beauty of an environment.

This makes it a perfect example of a design in which function and style amazingly join forces to offer a superior product in many ways. It’s only enough to take a critical look at its impressive base made of authentic Carrara marble to conclude that it’s a unique piece in its style, made to dazzle and to stand out in its technical advantages.

The creators of this wonder, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, sought to create the definitive lamp model that would allow the user to control the flow of light in a very practical and convenient way. A lamp that really can work well in any environment and which shape was also compatible with the decorating styles that were in full swing at the time.

The result was a piece that to this day continues to be the favorite of millions of users and professionals of interior design and décor around the world and represents a discovery for new generations.

How To Prepare Your Tulip Table For Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret to anyone that the Tulip table is one of the most representative accent tables of the Mid-Century Modern style. How to decorate it for a special occasion? There are many ways to do it and many places where it could look spectacularly good according to the theme. A black Tulip table, for example, can look spectacular with ornaments made from sparkling minerals, as if it was sparkling jewelry, just to mention an example.

There are certain alternatives that, for special occasions like the next Valentine’s Day, could work extremely well. One of the best resources in this regard is scented candles. They are wonderful objects that can set an astonishing accent in an aesthetic sense and, at the same time, generate a transforming effect through scents.

Lovers of aromatherapy and stimulating scents will find in scented candles a spectacular gift that will surprise them, and they’ll never consider inappropriate because scented candles are those kinds of things that never exceed and, the more you have, the better.

Also, just imagine the great diversity of aromas that you can choose from to change the spirit of your environment radically and, at the same time, make your Tulip table look like an exquisite piece; the most worthy pedestal for your favorite scented candles. Coconut, lavender, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, orange, are some of the most popular scents in the scented candle catalog.

You can come up with a special selection of candles with your partner’s favorite scents and surprise it with the perfect detail. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the main gift of the occasion, but it does have to be something that you’ll surely appreciate very much.

Your Napa Sofa: a Piece That You Can Surround With Plants

Are you looking for an original, authentic, and pleasant idea to give more personality and freshness to the décor of your interior spaces? A tanned leather sofa such as the Napa sofa alongside a few plants selection is probably the best answer to this need. Have you considered it?

Just think about how good, very accurate, well-selected a tan leather couch look, compatible with the climate of your city or your region, your modern fixtures, and the rest of the furniture, accompanied with plants suitable to survive indoors without requiring too complex care.

Plants can give a natural touch like no other element, they help to renew oxygen and reinforce the color palette. However, you probably don’t always have the knowledge to choose the ideal plants and the perfect place to locate them.

If you have a midcentury sofa and you want it to be surrounded by plants, It’s possible that if you choose your plants wrongly, they won’t look well, they will not survive long, or will deteriorate quickly. To avoid that, one of the main factors that you must consider is the adaptability they have to the temperature, both of the natural environment and those generated by heating and air conditioning since a plant in cold climates wouldn’t last long in an environment of high temperatures and vice versa.

If you go to a store specialized in gardening products, chances are there’s someone to advise you on which plant is best for your type of climate. The Fittonia or the Peperomia are usually recommended for their great ability to adapt to different types of environments and be the perfect companion of your modern sofa all the way.