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The Arco Lamp: The Center Of Your Decluttered Room

Although in principle it may not seem so, the decorating style and space’s organization are two things that influence each other directly, almost proportionally. No matter how careful the aesthetic aspect of a place is, the functionality can never be in a category too far apart; otherwise, it won’t be really useful to people. Imagine, for example, having a living room decorated in a clearly Mid-Century Modern style and having in it some iconic pieces such as the Eames Lounge Chair, the Arco lamp, a Noguchi table, a Barcelona sofa, and other amazing designs, and not being able to use it freely and fully enjoy its advantages because the furniture is always full of dirty clothes, toys, tools, books, the lamp is always occupied in other areas or disconnected, and the free space is very scarce due to the invasion of the disaster. As you can see, design and function cannot be separated from beauty and vice-versa.

To make your task easier, do this checklist of pending things before making any drastic changes:

  • Organize the objects by categories and assign them a specific spot within the place. Make sure your Arco lamp replica is in a favorable place for you to use it.
  • Make sure there’s not an excess of elements present in each area. If you don’t see where to put so many gadgets, it may be time to give some things away and get rid of others.
  • Take note of any item you need to facilitate the task of maintaining order, be it a dresser, a trunk, or another type of furniture piece.
  • Spend a whole day doing this task and do it focusing on establishing an order that remains from that moment. Make order your permanent lifestyle and try to make it also that of your family.

5 Reasons Why Your Eames Lounge Chair Is The Best Option For Your Reading Nook

If we tell you that the Eames Lounge Chair is the best piece you can choose to make it your official companion during your reading sessions, but if this doesn’t sound like a very convincing reason, here are 5 concrete reasons why you should choose it:

  1. It’s a durable chair. Even an Eames Lounge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design will last a long time in your home because it’s made with the best materials.
  2. You’ll read with style. Sitting on a plastic stool is not the same as sitting on a chair made with premium quality by Mid-Century Modern style designers. Your reading corner will look really amazing.
  3. It’s an ergonomic chair. Protecting your health is not a game, and what better way to do it while enjoying an activity that generates as much pleasure as reading? An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction will keep you away from lumbar and orthopedic diseases.
  4. Includes an ottoman. This is an essential part without which the design is not complete. Fortunately, even the Eames Chair replica includes the ottoman, with which you can rest your legs and live a very complete relaxation experience.
  5. It’s easy to move. Unlike other pieces such as some robust accent chairs, armchairs, or couches, you can move your Eames Lounge Chair temporarily or permanently without this representing a major complication since it’s a piece of furniture that’s very easy to move.

As you can see, this chair is a wise choice for several reasons, of which we have only mentioned five here. The other reasons you’ll have to discover for yourself and be surprised by this wonderful modern design.

The Asher Bed Is The Modern Design Of Your Dreams

Discovering the bed that best suits your needs as a user and the aesthetic characteristics of your layout can become a challenge that some people take time to. Sometimes, the decision is not so easy, especially when you discover large and diverse catalogs with a wide range of models and options at your fingertips. We can tell you that the Asher bed is among the best of those mentioned options, but the truth is that each room is different, and each person looks for what works best for them. In any case, your platform bed frame is still the most relevant element in your bedroom, and that is something that you should not underestimate at any time.

One of the main reasons why designing a floor plan is recommended is because this design becomes the main tool to facilitate the creation of an efficient, aesthetically coherent, and highly functional environment. Thanks to the floor plan, you can determine the exact space you have for your wood bed frame, the proper location that you’ll give it, and its relationship with the rest of the furniture pieces. When you can install your modern bed frame and check that its dimensions are exactly compatible with what you had specified in your design, you’ll have the satisfaction and security of going the right way. Your new mid-century bed frame will be ready to become the platform of your dreams.

The Arco Lamp: A Helpful Resource In Your Layout

The importance of lighting in interior design is vital for several primary reasons that you should never lose sight of. First, it’s an aspect of décor directly linked to both functionality and aesthetics. An adequately lit environment is a functional space because it allows using a compartment in all its dimensions efficiently, it’s an area in which all kinds of activities can be carried out, and it allows for rearrangement of the elements over and over again without limitation. Besides, it’s highly aesthetic because it allows appreciating the colors in their real tones, the smallest details to have greater visibility, and improves the visual balance of the compartment. Some masterpieces like the Arco lamp are very helpful in this regard.

However, achieving successful lighting is not always an easy task, especially in homes or buildings that are not highly favored by natural light and need to find new ways to turn these types of resources into opportunities to bring out the best in each area. Just take a look at the wide range of accessories available on the market, types of lamps, and resources to enhance the lighting effects (floor lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, etc.). Among these tools, floor lamps have a very special spot as they are the most recommended lamps in most cases. Additionally, as with other categories of light fixtures, floor lamps feature a wide and conspicuous variety of different models, designs, and styles, each focused on a specific need and intention.

The Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design is one of the best samples of balance between aesthetics and function. Get this extraordinary design born from the talent of the Castiglioni Brothers, and you’ll be reaching the next level of lighting and class.

5 Practical Tips To Correctly Care For Your Modern Sofa

The reasons why your modern sofa is considered a key piece of your living room are obvious, and very valid. Therefore, it will always be worth it that you can keep it in good condition, making the best of its aesthetic and functional appearance. This will ensure much longer durability and save you the need to change it for a long time. To take maximum care of your midcentury sofa, these are some of the tips that you can apply to keep it clean and beautiful:

  • Get a fabric shampoo. This is especially recommended for removing liquids from light-colored fabric upholstery. For dark upholstery, benzine is more appropriate.
  • Grease stains from your modern sectional can be removed more easily if you use talcum powder. Remember that the faster you clean them, the less grease the fabric will absorb, and you’ll get better results. If you can waterproof the upholstery, these risks will be less.
  • Leather sofas usually only require soap and water in small amounts to remove stains. Sometimes just a little water is enough.
  • The location of the sofa is directly related to the amount of dust that it can absorb. Remember to vacuum it once a week if it’s near an outdoor area like the garden or terrace. If it’s very close to a window, you may need to vacuum it more than once.
  • People sometimes have the habit of always sitting in the same seat on the sofa, and this can deteriorate the foam quickly if you’re the only person using the piece. Alternate the seats you use so as not to degrade just one of the cushions and maintain a balance in use.

Remember that the best sofas are known not only for their materials but also for their aesthetic style. Follow these practical tips, and your model will last much longer.

A Modern Sofa Is a Perfect Choice For Your Industrial Layout

There’s no doubt that the Industrial style has gained an increasingly important and transcendent place in the world of interior design. It’s no coincidence that it has become one of the most requested trends by users. One of its greatest advantages is that it can make a modern sofa and the rest of the furniture pieces that make up a layout look in a fantastic splendor. What makes this style special is the bold way in which it allows apparently unfinished areas to be combined with others with a more polished look, creating a balance between rustic and elegant that produces an interesting visual effect and serves as inspiration for very original indoors.

Of course, everyone wants their midcentury sofa to be the perfect choice for a setting decorated in this style. Some choose a modern sectional because it’s a sure way to take advantage of the room’s corners. However, keep in mind that the Industrial style is generally recommended for rooms with very large dimensions and high ceilings, so this type of sofa is more indicated to generate the visual sensation of separation between one area and another without the need to add walls or dividers. Most of these layouts are designed according to open-concept floor plans.

Remember that leather sofas can be combined with materials of this decorating style to create authentic environments. Metals, concrete designs, glass, pipes, and neutral color palettes often dominate in industrial-style settings. Regardless of how your decor is, the best sofas will always make a very valuable contribution to the interior design you want to create.

The Napa Sofa Can Help You Easily Arrange Your Living Room

If you’re a property owner and you had to furnish the place for the first time, it probably happened to you that you never thought how complicated or overwhelming it could be. Choosing the perfect configuration to create the ideal floor plan that would allow you to make the best use of the compartment. After all, filling an empty room and transforming it from scratch into an aesthetically pleasing and functional area can be a very demanding job. However, when you have in your selection some pieces like the Napa sofa, the task can be much easier. Arranging furniture doesn’t have to be such a scary task when you’ve got a focal point like that on your side.

Focal points are the spots that capture the most attention in a place. It can be a tangible object like a midcentury sofa or an abstract element like a breathtaking exterior view or a fragment where the lighting is especially focused. However, if your living room is modest, with simple and unobtrusive features, without any of the properties mentioned, a modern sofa could do most of the work. The Napa sofa is the example we have chosen here due to its impressive tan leather upholstery, its robust dimensions with geometric proportions, and its dense cushions that make it a wonder of Mid-Century Modern style.

Turn your living room into a charming conversation and relaxation area with a Napa sofa, and you’ll discover that arranging your furniture will be an experience that, rather than stress or overwhelm you, will allow you to have fun and explore your creativity.

The Flag Halyard Chair: A New Way To Enjoy Your Outdoors

The Flag Halyard Chair is a chair suitable for different areas, including outdoors. Not all people are lucky enough to have an outdoor space in their homes, but if you’re one of those lucky ones, always keep in mind that it’s always good to have a favorite chair in which you can enjoy those warm days in the garden, balcony, terrace, or patio. There’s a very noticeable difference between being able to enjoy an outdoor barbecue with your loved ones if you have a favorite chair or if you don’t have one. So never underestimate this advantage. If meetings aren’t your thing, enjoying a calmer activity, such as an outdoor reading session, can be a much more relaxing experience in a room like this.

You don’t have to invest a large fortune in a chair to be able to use it outdoors, and that’s something you should never lose sight of. Options like the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design represent the perfect balance between cost and benefit. The piece, which comes from the imagination and ingenuity of Hans Wegner, is composed of a steel structure on which the seat and back have been woven entirely using a high-resistance flag line. The chair includes a sheepskin cover for softness and comfort, one of its most attractive properties. Besides, saving money thanks to a piece like the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction is the most direct and safest way to make a good investment that covers your aesthetic and functional needs to make your outdoors your new favorite areas.

The Eames Lounge Chair: A Reflection Of The Eameses’ Philosophy

The Eames Lounge Chair is such a legendary piece that all kinds of curious facts related to its origins, its creation, and its production process are currently known. The first 250 chairs to leave the factory had glove leather upholstery, which is highly prized for its smooth texture. However, it was quickly replaced because it didn’t have satisfactory durability. This means that the piece continued to have constant improvements even after it entered the production phase, as Charles and Ray Eames were very perfectionists. Thus, in later copies, heavier leather was included, which guaranteed a greater resistance.

The Eames Lounge Chair and its ottoman quickly became a best-seller. This wasn’t much of a surprise, as the chair had made a guest appearance on the Arlene Francis Home Show in 1956, one of NBC’s major shows, and was, therefore, presented to a national audience who greeted it with applause. The program not only interviewed the designers, but it was the perfect opportunity to introduce other of their creations, and even a short film was shown that described the process of creating the armchair.

Today, the piece is a key reference point of modernism, and there are products such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, which faithfully respect its characteristics. That’s is an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction that reflects very well the philosophy of the couple: “What works is better than what looks good, because what works well lasts”.

The Eames Lounge Chair: A Sample of Perfection and Quality

The Eames Lounge Chair remains an immensely popular piece in the United States, even more than fifty years after its launch. In Europe, this design also enjoys some popularity. Besides, the chair is not only a very precious element that is present in hundreds of family homes but also offices and work environments. The piece represents status, power, and a very special taste for the comforts that modern style can offer. This makes it something much more significant than a household piece of furniture. After all, it’s the result of a job in which tests and trials were repeated over and over with each prototype, in the search for the perfect chair. A job that took several years, a lot of effort, knowledge, and talent.

It’s believed that, for at least two years, the Eameses ruled out at least a dozen different versions of the arm and backrest because the results didn’t meet their goals. After all, the couple became celebrities thanks to their well-known quest for perfection. They repeated the number of tests and built the necessary prototypes until they got exactly what they wanted. In the end, the achievement was so extraordinary that when the piece entered production, the creators didn’t simply provide the blueprints of the designs to the manufacturers. They gave specific instructions on how to build the ottoman and provided the designs of the necessary tools for its manufacture.

The best news is that high-quality products like Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge Chair replica are incredibly faithful to the work of the Eameses. Discover the striking similarities between the Eames Lounge Chair reproduction and the fabulous creation of these geniuses.