The Barcelona Bench: Legendary and Very Useful

If you are a professional interior designer or even a fan of interior design and decor, surely it has happened to you that you think you have finished furnishing a space, but you still have the feeling that something’s missing, even though you cannot determine exactly what it is. This is a very common situation, and in many cases (more than you can imagine) the answer is simple: add a Barcelona bench. Especially if it’s an area of ​​recurring use and if you are the type of user who likes to relax in a large seat.

The Barcelona Bench

Just take a look at it: its large leather upholstered cushion is not only pleasant to use but can be the perfect functional solution for those times when there are many people and few seats. It’s a piece like this that can make the difference between an ergonomic layout and a frankly incomplete one. Furthermore, its value doesn’t lie solely in this aspect: it’s also an iconic design since it belongs to none other than the legendary Barcelona collection, one of the landmarks of the Mid-Century Modern style.

Barcelona Modern bench

As creators and organizers of spaces, we are very used to paradigms: a sofa, some accent chairs, a coffee table, an area rug, and maybe an ottoman or side table, but the bench can be a greater solution; you can even use it in other types of areas other than the living room, such as your bedroom, study or home office. It’s the kind of investment that, once you make it, you’re highly unlikely to regret.