The Togo Chair: The Star of Social Networks

It’s surprising how some iconic models within the Mid-Century Modern style have only increased their popularity over the years, and one of the most important factors of this fact is that many social media “influencers” have shown a preference for these models. The Togo chair is a good example of this since it’s one of the most emblematic pieces by Michel Ducaroy and really continues to reign as one of the most popular accent chairs of modernism, also conquering the taste of new generations in an increasingly visible way.

The Togo Chair

The decoration of spaces and the way of showing style, personality, and originality through these projects have become one of the great “obsessions” of social networks. Everyone wants to make a statement about their style and preferences through their furniture, colors, forms, and the way they shape the places they live, work, play, and even exercise. Little by little, we have been turning everything into an exhibition object. This serves not only as an inspiration to others but can also become part, eventually, even of the corporate image or brand image of many relevant figures on the network.

The Ducaroy Chair

The Ducaroy chair is undoubtedly one of the great stars on social networks, and curiously, it’s a chair whose origins date back to the 70s. However, its legacy and importance are still so valid that many think that it’s a product created much more recently. Considered a work of art by specialists, it’s probably what your layout also needs, regardless of whether you are a fan of social networks or not, since it could give it the touch of style and distinction that you were looking for.