Tulip Table: Shimmering Finishes and Curved Lines You’ll Fall in Love With

Each aesthetic style has its own ways of manifesting and expressing itself through the discipline in which it’s applied. Biomorphism, as a trend that seeks to emulate certain lines and shapes belonging to the natural world, specifically living beings, was the source of inspiration for innovation in many ways within the aesthetics of modern furniture.

The Tulip table is one of the most outstanding examples. Not only does it bear that name that directly reflects the evocation of the flower in which it was inspired, but it’s also considered a very artistic piece due to its reflective finishes, with an immaculate tone that adds a lot of value to an environment.

Furthermore, biomorphism isn’t based solely on aesthetic aspects. The Tulip table, having that flower shape, also represented an amazing technical innovation, by completely eliminating the traditional four-legged shape that supported the top and replacing it with a single conical column that gave more freedom to the users’ feet and allowed a more comfortable and pleasant use. The Tulip table had many versions and today there are all kinds of variations in sizes, shapes, and colors, including the black Tulip table.

They all have in common great respect for the ideas of Eero Saarinen. The Tulip Table replica by Manhattan Home Design continues to reign as one of the store’s best-selling products due to the great popularity that, even in 2021, this piece is still having.