Comparing 2 Mid-Century Chairs Icons: The Shell Chair & The Womb Chair (I/II)

In today’s blog we will proceed to buy two of the largest icons in the mid-century modern style. We are talking about the renowned Shell and Womb chair. These two pieces representative of an era and created by two of the most influential designers within this style created more than 50 years ago, continue to top the lists of timeless furniture successes. Let’s start comparing the designs of Eero Saarinen and Hans J Wegner!

Womb chair

This piece was designed at the request of Florence Knoll -owner of the Knoll Furniture company- where it required an enveloping and extremely comfortable chair. Eeron came with more than requested! Since the Womb chair is composed of a plush upholstered structure, armed to facilitate a practically lying posture, providing lumbar comfort and a feeling of security.

With its cradle shape designed for a relaxed seating position, the Womb chair is the ideal piece for a modern living room or office, acting as a decorative and even functional piece since it can be used as a support when working or it can even be implemented in a quiet corner where you can take a nap.

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The Tulip Table: The Distant Dream of Many People

The Tulip table represents the golden furniture dream for more than one person. The beauty of this piece made it a legend of the Mid-Century Modern style and reinforced the fame and reputation of the Finn Eero Saarinen who, over time, established himself as one of the main exponents of the Mid-Century Modern style.

The table, known for its amazing features that broke archetypes and took the concept of the biomorphic table to the next level, quickly became desired by all types of users around the world.

Also, it’s important to remember that the Tulip table is not just a single design but a whole collection of pieces that have that name because they all have in common their silhouette in the shape of a Tulip that supports the top and they vary greatly in sizes, materials, and shapes.

Probably, the best-known Tulip table prototype is the oval or round surface, and there are also different versions of that, such as the coffee table or the accent table. Over time, options such as the black Tulip table and the Tulip table with a wooden top appeared, among other designs.

The best news is that having this product it’s not an impossible dream because there are options such as the Tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design, made especially so that people who always wanted to have this design in their houses or apartments can now buy it at a price that represents only a fraction of the original cost.

The Togo Sofa: The Sofa That Feels Like A Giant Hug

Discover the incredible features that the Togo sofa has to offer!

The Togo sofa or also recognized worldwide as Ducaroy Sofa in honor of its creator Michel Ducaroy, is a sofa with a relaxed and informal appearance that presents one of the thickest cushions in the market.

Its creator Michel Ducaroy, managed to obtain an amazing design where comfort and relaxation were the main objective thanks to the bases he obtained in the School of Fine Arts of Lyon and in the family business specialized in the production of contemporary furniture. . This was also where he managed to receive the fundamentals that allowed his pieces to adapt to the styles of preference at that time; modern and contemporary.

This modern sofa that can be found in fabric or aniline leather, is the representation of a revolutionary model focused on providing comfort and a different look to the usual sofas. By just taking a brief look at the sofa it is possible to perceive how comfortable its cushions are thanks to its ergonomic structure.

An interesting fact about the Togo sofa cushions is that they are filled with multi-density and padded covers that provide the user with a soft but resistant experience. Its structure is simulated as a slightly sloping L shape, so that you feel snuggled while sitting or doing your favorite activity such as watching Netflix series or taking a nap.

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3 Reasons Why The Arco Lamp Became Iconic

The Arco lamp became an icon so relevant and representative of its time, its style, and its category that to this day it remains one of the best-selling, acclaimed, and popular artifacts in the world, especially by lovers of the Mid-Century Modern style. These are three important reasons why this phenomenal design by the Castiglioni brothers gained so much importance and remained in its place of honor through so many years:

  1. It represented an innovation in its time. A floor lamp can be successful for many reasons, but especially for its technical capabilities. The Arco lamp went beyond the obvious: it was the only floor lamp of its time capable of offering overhead light even when the base was kept up to two meters away from the reflector head. Something never seen before.
  2. It masterfully combines aesthetics and function. Like other transcendental designs of this style, the Arco lamp dazzles for its functionality and also for its technical characteristics at the same time. Both are intercomplemented in a very convenient design in many ways.
  3. Its marble base. One of its most appealing and surprising components. It represents the definitive and unrivaled stamp of originality and beauty and is so distinctive that it’s present in even its most respectable knock-offs, such as the Arco lamp replica from Manhattan Home Design.

In summary, this floor lamp is much more than you might think when you see it for the first time, and the benefits of having it in your home or office you can begin to notice from the first day.

Le Corbusier Most Interesting Facts | From Its Furniture To His Early years (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about the most interesting facts in the beginnings of Le Corbusier. Now, we will introduce you to the pieces of the most iconic collection made by Le Corbusier and his two collaborators. Scroll down and get to know the famous LC2 chair!

Le Corbusier used prefabricated furniture for many years in his projects, most of them implementing pieces from Thonet. This changed in 1928 when he began experimenting with interior and furniture design, together with his cousin, Pierre Jeannaret, in addition to the collaboration of the sought-after architect – at the time – Charlotte Perriand. This trio were the masterminds behind the collection that they called cushions baskets.

“I am against the school. I’m going to confess that I dropped out of school at 13 because schools were so bad in the past that they weren’t fun. ”- Le Corbusier on BBC, 1951.

This collection was made up of the following:

  • LC2 chair.
  • LC3 sofa.
  • LC4 chaise lounge.

Within this collection, pieces such as the LC3 sofa and the LC2 chair stand out. In fact, the LC2 chair is arguably the most famous. This was implemented in different houses of famous artists and later in offices and more spaces. Currently it can be seen even in movies like Batman v Superman.

Le Corbusier Most Interesting Facts | From Its Furniture To His Early years (I/II)

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris or better known as Le Corbusier was one of the icons within modernism who led many construction works, furniture collections and was even in charge of optimizing urban planning. Today we will pay a kind of tribute to this icon of the modern movement, exposing some data from his early years and showing you some pieces from his most important furniture collection such as the LC3 sofa and the LC2 chair. Let us begin!

The early years of Le Corbusier

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris was born in Switzerland on October 6, 1887. He was a renowned Swiss urban architect whose projects combine the functionalism of the modern movement with a bold sculptural expressionism. Le Corbusier was part of the first members of the so-called international school of architecture.

Le Corbusier made many manuscripts that were used not only as a teaching method but also as self-advertising. Furthermore, he was the first architect to work with raw concrete, a technique that would later be used for asceticism and sculptural forms.

He created a modern furniture collection

Within his years he was capable of designing a whole collection called cushions baskets, where the LC3 sofa and LC2 chair were the stars of it.

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Your Modern Sofa Represents a Time in History

The Mid-Century Modern style was taking shape over the years and defining itself as a trend that was in line with the tastes of the emerging public and the modern lifestyle, very active, accelerated, and focused on practicality, direct and simple. In this context, the modern sofa started to be assumed as a pretty usual element in all kinds of environments.

Furthermore, one of the essential characteristics of this style is minimalism, whose motto is well-known for being essentially pragmatic: “less is more”, and that’s something commonly expressed through a midcentury sofa, whether it is a modern sectional, a modular sofa, or another type of model.

In general, in a living room decorated according to the MCM, you won’t find anything that is a surplus or unnecessary element, since it’s indicated that each thing has an important specific function and utility. Far behind were those precious styles, full of small details in abundance and overloaded with styling, such as the Victorian or Louis XV style, which would quickly be categorized as old trends.

The answer to why MCM triumphed as a trend focusing on the direct is undoubtedly based on the change that society experienced during those years of global transformation: two world wars, the accelerated expansion of the great metropolises, the height of industrialization and massive migratory movements, directly influenced the way of seeing the world and the way of assuming aesthetics, the arts, sciences and human thought in general. If you feel identified with this style, keep in mind that it will take many years for it to become unpopular.

Interested In The Egg Chair? Check Its Mainly Features & Ways To Acquire it (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about some facts about the Danish icon: the Egg chair. Now is time to continue with some other interesting facts and show you an affordable way to acquire them in case you can’t afford the original version. Scroll down and get to know the ways!

Created to meet needs

Plus, unlike overstuffed Victorian wing chairs, Jacobsen’s Egg chair is modern and stylish. This piece provides users with comfort and a sense of privacy, thanks to the way it beautifully envelops the human body.

The upholstered Egg Chair stunned critics, who allegate Jacobsen’s masterpiece with the geometric shapes that were quite popular at the time. He used curved shapes to bring out the sharp precision of his buildings.

So, how can you obtain it? There are two easy ways to take home this timeless piece. The first way is opting for the original version at Fritz Hansen or opting for the replica version from Manhattan Home Design. Both are great options to enhance your space in an iconic way. 

The Egg chair replica from Manhattan Home Design offers aniline leather and polyurethane as filler. 

Interested In The Egg Chair? Check Its Mainly Features & Ways To Acquire it (I/II)

Whether for an accent chair or even included in your home office, the Egg chair is the balanced combination of versatility and elegance. Scroll down and know its features and more interesting facts that you probably don’t know!

The Egg chair was created for the opening of the SAS Royal Hotel in downtown Copenhagen

Designs that become iconic are not always voluntary creations of the artist himself, but can also be requested pieces. Such is the case of the Egg chair, which was a requirement for the designer Arne Jacobsen, in which he requested to design a structure that was suitable to cradle the body and offer privacy. This was because the people who were going to make use of them were executives or businessmen who would handle business in the hotel lobby, so, to make it friendly the hotel decided to create an authentic and comfy piece to make their experience enjoyable. 

Innovative since its inception

The Egg chair was designed to look like a cracked egg, a shape not previously seen in popular furniture at the time. This chair was produced with polyurethane, a new material at the time of its creation, which could be molded into an organic and curvilinear shape.

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The Togo Sofa Has A Very Thick Foam To Offer, Get To Know It!

Get to know the Togo sofa and its filler material!

If you are considering purchasing a modern sofa, you have probably already considered your priorities. For most people, the priorities when purchasing an modern sofa lie in the quality of its padding. This should be a comfortable and resistant filler which has a long useful life so that the piece of furniture is preserved and maintains its initial appearance.

Today we want to present you a material that is widely used within the furniture design industry, which is usually among the first option by manufacturers due to its easy access and accesible price. The material we are talking about is polyurethane!

According to, the last-mentioned; polyurethane foam is “a leading member of the wide-ranging and highly diverse family of polymers or plastics. Polyurethane can be a solid or can have an open cellular structure, in which case it is called foam… and foams can be flexible or rigid”. So as you can see, its amazing features makes it a attractuive material to choose.

The Togo sofa is one of the large amount of sofas that uses polyurethane as a filler. It has a very thick cushions totally filled with it, making it a very comfortable and ergonomic piece.

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