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Lighting Trends in Interior Design

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design, as it can create different moods, enhance the beauty of the space, and highlight the features of furniture and accessories. Let’s share some of the latest trends in lighting in interior design, and how they can transform your home into a stylish and cozy sanctuary.

Organic Lighting

Akari Light by Isamo Noguchi
Akari LIght Sculpture by Isamo Noguchi

One of the most popular trends of lighting in interior design is the use of natural and organic materials, such as wood, bamboo, rattan, and linen. These materials add warmth and texture to the space and create a sense of connection with nature. Some examples of natural and organic lighting are the Noguchi lamps by Isamu Noguchi, the Akari light sculptures by George Nelson, and the Bamboo Pendant Lamp by Ay Illuminate.

Shapes and Patterns

Diamond Pendant by Tom Dixon
Diamond Pendant by Tom Dixon

Another trend of lighting in interior design is the use of geometric shapes and patterns, such as circles, triangles, hexagons, and diamonds. These shapes and patterns create a dynamic and modern look and add interest and contrast to the space. Some examples of geometric lighting are the PH Artichoke Lamp by Poul Henningsen, the Sputnik Chandelier by Gino Sarfatti, and the Diamond Pendant Lamp by Tom Dixon.

Minimalist and Sleek Design

A third trend of lighting in interior design is the use of minimalist and sleek designs, such as thin metal frames, exposed bulbs, and simple forms. These designs create a clean and elegant look and complement the minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian and Japandi styles. Some examples of minimalist lighting are the Tizio Lamp by Richard Sapper, the IC Lights by Michael Anastassiades, and the Beat Lights by Tom Dixon. And in this trend, Serge Mouille is definitely one of the most iconic stars.

Serge Mouille

Tripod Desk Lamp by Serege Mouille
Tripod Desk Lamp, by Serge Mouille

A French artist and craftsman who created stunning lamps and fixtures with organic shapes and minimalist elegance, his popular works include the tripod desk lamp, which features three slender metal legs and a curved shade that resembles a shell or a hat. This lamp is a perfect example of how Serge Mouille combined functionality and beauty in his designs, as it provides both direct and indirect light, and can be adjusted to different angles and heights.

Another masterpiece by Mouille is the two-arm wall sconce, which consists of two long arms that extend from a central base and end with two cone-shaped shades. This sconce is a versatile and dynamic piece of art, as it can be rotated and tilted to create different lighting effects and compositions. The two-arm wall sconce is ideal for adding some drama and personality to any room, as it creates a striking contrast between light and shadow, and draws attention to its sculptural form.

These are just some examples of how lighting styles can make a difference in your interior design. Whether you prefer a classic or a contemporary look, there is a lighting style that suits your taste and needs. Lighting is not only a practical necessity but also a creative expression of your style and vision. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting styles and see how they can transform your space!

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Serge Mouille: The Master Of Metal

If you are looking for a unique and elegant way to light up your space, you might want to consider the designer Serge Mouille and his work.

Serge Moullie Tripod Desk Lamp
Serge Mouille Tripod Desk Lamp

Serge Mouille was a French master of metalwork and lighting design, who created some of the most iconic lamps of the 20th century. He was born in Paris in 1922 and showed an early talent for metalwork. He studied at the School of Applied Arts and became a teacher there at the age of 25. He also opened his own workshop, where he produced handcrafted wall sconces, floor lamps, and chandeliers. His most famous designs include the tripod desk lamp, the three-arm ceiling lamp, and the two arm wall sconce, which features slender black steel arms and aluminum shades that resemble insect antennae or shells.


Serge Mouille Three Arm Ceiling Lamp
Serge Mouille Three Arm Ceiling Lamp

Mouille’s lighting was influenced by nature and organic forms, as well as by his admiration for contemporary sculptors like Alexander Calder and Constantin Brancusi. He died in 1988, leaving behind a legacy of elegant and innovative lighting that is still sought after by collectors and designers today.

Serge Mouille’s lamps are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, who appreciate his craftsmanship and originality.

His lamps are not only functional but also sculptural and expressive, adding a touch of sophistication and style to any room.

Serge Mouille Two-Arms Wall Sconce

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Arco Lamp: 3 ways to get the most of it

Its a wonderful object of design? sure. Its presence lightings the room? literally and metaphorically, true. But get the most of this beautiful icon with three advices.

Number one: The center of attraction.  There is no doubt that an Arco Lamp takes the place of the main focal point of the room, due to its beautiful arc, solid marble base, and its aluminum hood. If you have a high ceiling and enough space, don’t doubt and make it the star of the movie.

Arco Lamp Living Room
Source: Manhattan Home Design

Number two: Get rid of the cables on the floor and the ceiling. Let the cables in one corner of your room near to the base. With an Arco Lamp just the stylish steel arc will cut the air. This is special not only in the living but in your bedroom.

Arco Lamp Bedroom
Source: Manhattan Home Design

Three: Play with the shades of light. In a living room, not all the corners need the same level of brightness. Maybe one spot requires more focus, while the other is fine with subtle light. With an Arco Lamp, direct its bulb where it is needed. 

Arco Lamp Living Room
Source: Manhattan Home Design

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Arco Lamp: What makes it so special?

It was in 1962 when the Arco Lamp was designed by Achille Castiglioni, so it’s been 57 years since its debut in the world of decor, and, more than ever, this gorgeous lamp is now a symbol of status and taste. 

The Arco Lamp
An iconical shape for a classic period of the Interior Design. The Arco Lamp received an update in 2012 with the introduction of a LED system.

But what makes this lamp so special through the years?. There is no doubt that its design is a strong statement. Its superb size is big enough to steal all the looks, but not overwhelming to the point of being annoying. Its stainless steel curvature brings you a sense of wave and movement, and its aluminium hood will project light just at the point you need it, from above, but not far in the ceiling. A really original object, an Arco Lamp will always be the center of your room. 

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Get into the intimate glow of an Arco Lamp

Rumor has it that in one warm night in the streets of Rome in 1962, the Castiglioni brothers, (Achille and Pier Giacomo) stare delighted the glow emanated by a street light that accidentally was inclined due to a hit in its base. 

They were fascinated by the intimate effect of the glow projected by the bulb suspended in their heads, so, Achille developed a design that with time became a classic of the interior design: the Arco Lamp. 

Arco Lamp
The Arco Lamp is a classic from the Mid Century Modern Style

From its Carrara marble base with beveled ends to its aluminum hood, and of course through its stainless steel body, the Arco Lamp is really a statement of taste. It will always steal the looks and brings some magic in the air. Don’t lose the opportunity and make yours one of these fine design objects for a fraction of the original price, in Barcelona Designs

LC5 Sofa Bed: Top 5 ways to use it.

There is a long road since in 1934 Le Corbusier, the legendary Architect, designed this remarkable standard of the Mid Century Modern furniture. But as it happens with all the classics, the LC5 sofa bed stands by itself today, practically without noticeable changes, as a tangible proof of quality, vision and good taste.

LC5 Sofa Bed: a Classic
LC5 Sofa Bed: a Classic

A classic icon from the golden age of Mid Century Modern furniture, its versatility will bring you much more than a regular sofa.  

A symbol of practicality and comfort, the LC5 sofa is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. Its discreet, but classy figure can be adapted from the most formal presentation to the most fun and relaxed. Let’s take a look:

  1. At the center of the living room. With its iconic style and sober colors, the LC5 presides in your living room as the best sofa. An armless -3 seat- sofa bed, it benefits when you complement it with end tables and colorful chairs. You can play a lot with cushions to give it the warm tone you consider better. 
  2. Guests and daybed. What is even more comfortable than your beloved bed?. Well, you got it. Its elegant but solid stainless steel body and its soft leather will give you a pleasant sleep, by only a few adjustments in its back seats. Its simple mechanism provides you a quick solution, and it’s unnecessary to move every chair, lamp or other furniture in your living room when you open it.  So it won’t take extra time at night, before going to sleep, or the next morning when you rush to work. 
Versatility is one of the attributes of a LC5 Sofa Bed
LC5 Sofa Bed: a Classic

Versatility and practicality in a very resistant body of stainless steel and comfortable leather.

  1. Your Sunday morning relaxing spot. Due to its classic design and standard size (about 80” W), the LC5 Sofa Bed suits easily in almost any room, without overloading it. Way to the balcony, if there is any, a LC5 Sofa Bed transforms the spot in a little sunny place to snuggle, read the morning news and start to enjoy your Sunday while you decide what to do with the rest of the day, without leaving your room. 
  2. Let’s have a good chat. Back to the living room. It’s your house like the Central Perk of your group and relatives? Is your living room filled with people on weekdays and weekends too?   Well, a good way to solve the problem when people start to use your beloved end tables as chairs (and you feel reasonably uncomfortable with this),  is to use two LC5 Sofa Beds, in front of the other. Again, the simplicity and elegance of the design allow to locate two in the same room without swallowing your space. This way you get the most of your room while your gang is happy and comfortable (and you are happy with the wellbeing of your furniture too). 
Spin the back seat of your LC5 Sofa Bed
Spin the back seat of your LC5 Sofa Bed

Just spinning its back seats, you open your bed, or you can play with its design, using cushions, or pillows.

  1. Friday night – potato chips family meetings. Versatility is one of the words that suit like a glove for a LC5 Sofa Bed.  In your TV room or entertainment center, there is no need to overcrowd the place with chairs or rugs. If mom, kiddie and dad want to enjoy a movie together, you can just open your sofa just to watch your movie. And the durable quality of its soft leather and steady frame will throw your worries away about spills, or samples of food. Easy to clean and maintain, you can relax and enjoy, and quickly return your room to its normal state.
Black and white are popular options when you buy a LC5 Sofa Bed
Black and white are its most demanded colors, although there are spaces for other tones, basically in the brown, leather area. Available in Manhattan Home Design

Black and white are its most demanded colors, although there are spaces for other tones, basically in the brown, leather area. Available in Manhattan Home Design

It’s very well known the statement of its creator, Le Corbusier:Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois”. Maybe this criticism made the genial designer very aware of the need for furniture far away from exotic materials and expensive fabrics and obtaining this designing achievement. 

With its iconic stainless steel frame and sober leather seats, the LC5 Sofa Bed stands above the rest of design furniture, as an endurable piece, not surviving but fitting in every trend due to its beauty, versatility, and practicality. If you want to buy a LC5 Sofa, you can find it at an affordable price in Manhattan Home Design.