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5 Coffee Tables to Add to Your Living Room | The Barcelona Table & More!

Have you ever noticed the importance of a coffee table? 

A coffee table is a kind low table that is designed to be placed in front of a sofa or upholstered chairs for a comfortable drink holder; remote controls, magazines, books & other small accessories.

Coffee tables come in different sizes and shapes, and their prices vary depending on the model and brand you select. The other factor that influences the price is the material, usually the coffee tables are made of wood, metal, and glass.

Today we’re going to talk about the last type we mentioned; the glass table. And what a better way to start than showing you the Iconic Barcelona Table made by Mies van der Rohe; one of the most recognized architectures designers from the mid-century movement.

1. The Barcelona Table

It is made by a stainless steel base supporting a 1/2″ thick tempered glass with 1/8″ beveled edges. It features a visual manifestation of Mies’ signature stylized cross form base made from hand-polished #304 stainless steel flat stock 

The frame: This amazing part of the table is ground and buffed by hand to achieve a mirror finish, giving you an aesthetic and beautiful vibe!

Still, want to see more glass tables? Take a look at these treasures:

All of these 3 amazing furniture have in common three things: Glass, steel details and style!

2. Vienna round coffee table

round glass table with steel details

3. Parker satin nickel coffee table

round glass double table with steel details
Source: home depot

4. Anndale coffee table

square glass table with chrome steel details
Source: overstock

Comment below which is your favorite!

The Arco Lamp: a Symbol of Status, Power, and Class

The Arco lamp is a good alternative for any interior space where it’s placed, be it the living room, the bedroom, or the dining room. It’s a perfect fixture for people who lead a pragmatic lifestyle, lovers of minimalism, and users who place great importance on function. One of the most famous characteristics of the Mid-Century Modern Style is its preference for geometric and simple shapes, with sizes always focused on making good use of space. The Arco lamp reproduction by Manhattan Home Design, an American store specialized in Mid-Century Modern pieces features a robust marble base of geometric proportions that makes it a striking object, not only because of the shape but also because this type of marble is very special. 

Carrara marble has a very important symbolic value since it’s the same type of marble used in ancient Greece and the Roman empire for the erection of architectural works and sculptures. Actually, various Michelangelo’s sculptures are made from this type of material, including the David sculpture, one of the Renaissance masterpieces. Thus, Carrara marble represents refined taste, status, power, and class.

After reaching very high popularity, many replicas of this piece began to appear on the market, offering an alternative for costumers at only a fraction of the cost of the original product. The Arco lamp replica marketed by Manhattan Home Design is one of the most affordable and faithful examples. If you’re currently in the process of decorating or remodeling your interior spaces, or if you’re exploring different decorative styles, this lamp is a mandatory reference of modernism and an excellent alternative that you can consider for your layout.

Barcelona Ottoman | 3 Reasons Why You Need One!

The Barcelona Ottoman was originally created for the attendants to the king and queen of Spain, it was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and still continues to shows as an icon of mid-century style and modern furniture. 

Let’s talk about its materials. This is made by a single Spinneybeck cowhide and supported by a polished chrome frame hand-buffed to perfection. It is filled with high-quality, resilient urethane foam and with down-like dacron polyester fiberfill.

Before showing you the reasons why you need one of these, we must tell you that if you like to save space and feel comfortable at the same time, the Barcelona ottoman is perfect for you! With its small but sufficient dimensions, it could create the elegant environment that you want so much.

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy it:

  1. An ideal companion to any of Barcelona collection pieces. If you’re a Mies fanatic, you have to own one of his masterpieces.
  2. Ideal for any room environment – Even if you’re decorating your living room, home office, or bedroom, the small Barcelona ottoman will fit accordingly with your refined vibe. 
  3. Provides the same royal sense of luxury and elegance to your home or office.

The Noguchi Table Is a Perfect Element to Enhance The Originality of Your Living Room

Originality is a highly appreciated aspect of any interior decor. It’s a striking feature that’s present in every detail, from the most abstract to the most obvious and visible. Furniture design, of course, doesn’t escape this reality, and some masterful examples such as the Noguchi table are especially valuable to understand that. First of all, the Noguchi table presents a totally atypical shape that was, in fact, revolutionary in its time. This is not an ordinary rectangular table and neither an oval table. Its strong tempered glass surface features a triangular shape with rounded corners. The surface is also resistant to scratches and bumps.

On the other hand, the base of the Noguchi table is not ordinary at all. Its creator Isamu Noguchi wanted to make sure to present a piece that absolutely didn’t resemble any other that existed up to that moment. In this sense, he more than achieved his objective; more than that, he sat such an impressive precedent that to this day, the table is still considered one of the most typical examples of biomorphism. It’s an astonishing combination of furniture, art, and listed among the most iconic pieces of the Mid-Century Modern style.

You can get a Noguchi table replica at a much lower price than the original and have in your compartment a design that’s considered “sculpture for use”. Place a Noguchi table reproduction in the middle of your living room and get a distinguished and interesting layout that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Eames Lounge Chair Is The Perfect Option For Your Entertainment Lounge

The rest chair is that important ally in which we let ourselves sink after a tiring day at work. You are probably not a fan of modern furniture pieces, and that may be because you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know them right. Who wouldn’t fall in love with an Eames Lounge Chair that can easily become your favorite piece of furniture, your favorite piece within your layout, and the chair that’s waiting for you every night to offer you unforgettable moments of relaxation? Also, in an aesthetic sense, the Eames Lounge Chair is one of the highest expressions of the Mid-Century Modern style, so its aesthetic value is remarkable and impossible to ignore.

For some people, it becomes a bit difficult to find the perfect lounge chair that suits not only their tastes but also their budget. We’re all entitled to enjoy a chair with all the lovely features of the Eames Lounge Chair. Thinking about it, some stores specialized in furniture of this MCM style offer very affordable alternatives. Such is the case of Manhattan Home Design with its Eames Lounge Chair replica. This Eames Lounge Chair reproduction costs three to four times less than the original product. Adding such an iconic piece is a dream that many haven’t been able to achieve, but that’s much more possible today than it was a few decades ago.

Add an Eames Chair replica to your home entertainment space and make it your best ally for those moments of relaxation that you like so much.

The Arco Lamp: a Special Masterpiece For Your Living Room

When the Milanese brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni launched their well-known Arco lamp on the market in 1962, they may not have imagined the scope it would have, how famous and influential it would become. Its popularity has grown so much over the decades that, today, it’s a floor lamp used in a wide variety of spaces, within which the bedroom, of course, is no exception. There are several reasons, both aesthetic and functional, why this piece is a good candidate to wear and use in your bedroom.

First, its telescopic arm adjusts to provide the perfect arc, allowing you to have overhead light even when placing the base up to two meters away from the reflector head. It’s an elegant and minimalist design, in tune with the new decorative trends. Do you work at a desk installed in your bedroom? What better source of light than an Arco lamp replica? It’s a piece that you can get at Manhattan Home Design for three or four times less than the original product. Also, if you are a lover of reading before going to bed at night, the Arco lamp can be your perfect complement and your main tool to achieve successful reading sessions.

Add an Arco lamp reproduction to your bedroom and enjoy the wonderful benefits of having an iconic Mid-Century Modern style piece in your bedroom.

The Noguchi Table Is The Amazing Element Your Living Room Needs

Have you thought about the advantages of having a Noguchi table in the center of your living room? It’s not only about adding a highly functional piece of furniture, but you will also be choosing one of the most recognizable, acclaimed, and original tables that appeared in the middle of the last century. Its creator, Isamu Noguchi, was a popular artist and sculptor who also greatly influenced the world of architecture and landscaping thanks to his works. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Noguchi table is the great artistic load that it has in its structure, taking into account that its hand-carved wooden base is considered a “sculpture for use”.

If you consult a book or an informative website about the descriptions of biomorphism, the Noguchi table is most likely to appear as one of the most exemplary objects within this aesthetic trend. There are replicas of this piece that faithfully reflect each of its most outstanding characteristics. An example of this is the Noguchi table replica by Manhattan Home Design. Having a Noguchi table reproduction in your living room will bring you practically the same benefits as the original piece at a price three or four times lower.

Check out the benefits of having an iconic piece and give your living room a definite touch of Mid-Century Modern style to surprise your friends and family.

The Arco Lamp Is an Ideal High-Class Piece For Your Favorite Compartment

The Arco lamp is one of the most recognized floor lamps in the world and has been in continuous production since its introduction. It was created by the Castiglioni Brothers and launched on the market in 1962 by the FLOS company. The piece is easily identifiable by its curved arm made of aluminum that has a maximum range from the marble base to the reflector of approximately 78 inches and ends in a reflector head made especially for its easy handling and light direction. 

However, the component of this lamp that stands out mainly for its impressive presence and value is its robust rectangular base made of authentic Carrara marble. Most of the recognition that this lamp earned was due to its masterful balance between aesthetics and functionality, something that’s also the common feature of most furniture and fixtures that are categorized within this trend.

Naturally, a decorative style looks enhanced thanks to high-class pieces like this one, which has the most outstanding characteristics of the trend, without this necessarily implying that a masterpiece should be the focal point of a layout. The creators of the Arco lamp wanted to generate a lamp aimed at an audience with up-to-date tastes, which in no way went unnoticed but lacked minute details and small parts; a piece that was simple, with an impressive shape and at the same time smooth.

Get an Arco lamp replica or an Arco lamp reproduction for your living room, and you’ll be adding an iconic piece of the Mid-Century Modern style to your spaces.

The Eames Lounge Chair Is An Investment You Will Enjoy From Day One

Anyone who has ever bought an Eames Lounge Chair can easily say that it’s, indeed, a very exciting process, almost like buying the T.V. set that you have long dreamed of. In fact, one of the most recurring functions of this chair is to use it to watch television. From the moment the chair was conceived its creators, Charles and Ray Eames, were highly motivated to design it as a gift for their friend Billy Wilder, a famous film director known for blockbusters such as The Seven Year Itch (1955), Some Like It Hot (1959), and The Apartment (1960) among many others.

If you take a closer look at each of the technical aspects of an Eames Lounge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design, you’ll realize that it’s an incredibly faithful product to the original. It’s for this reason that purchasing an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction can produce such satisfying results. The wooden veneers, the high-quality leather upholstery (basic, Italian, and aniline leather), the cushions that offer a comfortable and ergonomic user experience, and the overall structure made up of the seat, the back support, and the head support, as well as the ottoman that completes the piece in its entirety, make it a luxury addition to any living room or lounge.

Add an Eames Lounge Chair to your modern decorative style, and you’ll realize that it’s one of the best investments you can make in your life, which you will enjoy immensely from day one.

The Noguchi Table Is The Starting Point For Your New Modern Layout

The Noguchi table can be that first big step you need to take to set up your interior design, especially if you have to start furnishing a site from scratch and have no idea where to begin. Almost always, choosing a decorative style or a trend as defined as possible is an excellent point to start designing your space. Once you’ve chosen your favorite decorative style, which in the case of the Noguchi table is the Mid-Century Modern, the rest of the design comes naturally, so that you can orient yourself by the most typical and representative characteristics of that trend you’ve picked to configure your color scheme, the administration of space, how you’ll organize your pieces of furniture, among other important aspects.

It’s natural that, if you choose a Noguchi table, this becomes the focal point of your decoration. That is to say, the spot that will attract more looks, will get the best comments and will be practically the spirit of your living room or any other area within your house that you have chosen to place it. Besides, you can get a Noguchi table replica in the Manhattan Home Design catalog with the base in the color that suits you best, since the list includes several shades from which you can choose the one that best matches the color scheme of your environment.