The Arco Lamp Can Make a Very Good Impression In Your Family and Friends

If you’re looking for a very special design for your living room that can have an unforgettable effect on your family, friends, and visitors, the Arco lamp is a safe bet. The power and majesty of this lamp make it an artifact impossible to overlook. Besides, its robust Carrara marble base gives it added value and visual interest that you won’t find in any other floor lamp design. Aesthetically, it’s quite a success that its creators, the Castiglioni brothers, have decided to combine stainless steel with marble in such a strategic way, especially with this type of marble, since Carrara marble has a very special symbolic value.

You can get perfectly balanced lighting, bright accents, and the elegance with which you want to dress your environment thanks to a piece of these characteristics. This is especially convenient if your layout is minimalist, where all the elements have a specific function, and nothing is as an unnecessary addition. We recommend that you use a color scheme with your Arco lamp where light tones are predominant. Metal finishes, polished surfaces, and reflective elements can go a long way in filling your decorative atmosphere with magic, charm, and an image that will speak highly of you and that loved ones will long remember.