The Eames Lounge Chair Is an Example of Quality and Durability

It’s interesting to think that, although more than fifty years have passed since it was launched on the market, very few significant changes have been made to the original design of the Eames Lounge Chair, a piece that is still manufactured according to the same production methods that were used at that time. One of these changes is height as the average human height has increased four inches in the last sixty years. The producers of this chair, without overlooking these types of details, have made some minimal adjustments to keep it current. The main objective has always been to maintain the same comfort that Charles and Ray Eames wanted to pass on to all the users of their magnificent project.

In this sense, the replicas of this masterpiece haven’t been left behind, taking into account that, for example, an Eames Louge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design is a very faithful copy of the original, so it has also had to adapt progressively these kinds of changes. Besides, this Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is manufactured following the strictest quality guidelines, with first-class materials, including leather upholstery, wood veneers, and metal bases that ensure a long-lasting product, ergonomics, and comfort.

Get an Eames Chair replica and use it in any area of your home or office. It’s a chair that not only looks good but performs well, and meets the strictest quality standards of this legendary duo.