The Eames Lounge Chair: a Piece of Furniture at The Service of Users

The Eames Lounge Chair has earned its place of honor in furniture design history as one of the most significant creations of the entire twentieth century. Hidden in its features are modern and traditional features that have fascinated the general public and design specialists and have made the chair a very popular piece even today. The chair has something characteristic of the classics: it’s a timeless design that, although it emerged so many years ago, it still looks as good as it did when it appeared. Through the decades, the chair has been able to adapt and readjust to make it more compatible with the new times without neglecting its essence.

Many replicas of this piece are no exception in terms of quality. The Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home design is a chair adjusted to the average height of people, just like the original, since this measure increased approximately 10 centimeters from the fifties to the present. In comparison, the original design may look relatively small, but its proportions are still appropriate for a large number of potential buyers. The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction seeks to fully respect the design’s conception of its creators.

If something characterized Charles and Ray Eames in addition to their amazing talent, it was their ability to empathize with the public to offer them products that could effectively meet their needs, which they strived to understand and take into account. They saw themselves as hosts to their audience and wanted to give them only the best, sparing no expense or effort. The Eames Chair replica is a reflection of this way of working: more than a sculptural and striking piece, they created a system of components focused on satisfying the comfort and rest needs of users.