The Arco Lamp: Why Is It An Advantage For You?

The Arco lamp is known throughout the world for being one of the undisputed icons of the Mid-Century Modern style. It conquered the world in the 1960s and is so popular today that, according to the latest figures, an Arco lamp exists in at least 10% of Italian homes. However, not everyone knows its technical and aesthetic advantages.

Having an Arco lamp means having an amazingly useful fixture, which you can relatively easily move from one compartment to another within the house thanks to its user-friendly design.

The Castiglioni brothers, its creators, included a cylindrical hole that goes completely through the marble base of the lamp, into which you can insert a broomstick and drag it comfortably.

Besides, there are products such as the Manhattan Home Design Arco lamp replica, a piece incredibly faithful to the original, affordable design, which provides all the technical advantages of the authentic piece.

This means that, for example, in a living room with a very high ceiling, in which placing a ceiling lamp is not a good option, an Arco lamp reproduction can be the perfect solution. After all, it’s a model capable of offering overhead light.

The advantages of the Arco lamp are not limited to technical aspects but also aesthetics. Just take a look at its gleaming components: its robust piece of Carrara marble and its imposing stainless steel arch, to discover its great magnificence.