The Arco Lamp Is an Ideal High-Class Piece For Your Favorite Compartment

The Arco lamp is one of the most recognized floor lamps in the world and has been in continuous production since its introduction. It was created by the Castiglioni Brothers and launched on the market in 1962 by the FLOS company. The piece is easily identifiable by its curved arm made of aluminum that has a maximum range from the marble base to the reflector of approximately 78 inches and ends in a reflector head made especially for its easy handling and light direction. 

However, the component of this lamp that stands out mainly for its impressive presence and value is its robust rectangular base made of authentic Carrara marble. Most of the recognition that this lamp earned was due to its masterful balance between aesthetics and functionality, something that’s also the common feature of most furniture and fixtures that are categorized within this trend.

Naturally, a decorative style looks enhanced thanks to high-class pieces like this one, which has the most outstanding characteristics of the trend, without this necessarily implying that a masterpiece should be the focal point of a layout. The creators of the Arco lamp wanted to generate a lamp aimed at an audience with up-to-date tastes, which in no way went unnoticed but lacked minute details and small parts; a piece that was simple, with an impressive shape and at the same time smooth.

Get an Arco lamp replica or an Arco lamp reproduction for your living room, and you’ll be adding an iconic piece of the Mid-Century Modern style to your spaces.