The Arco Lamp: a Symbol of Status, Power, and Class

The Arco lamp is a good alternative for any interior space where it’s placed, be it the living room, the bedroom, or the dining room. It’s a perfect fixture for people who lead a pragmatic lifestyle, lovers of minimalism, and users who place great importance on function. One of the most famous characteristics of the Mid-Century Modern Style is its preference for geometric and simple shapes, with sizes always focused on making good use of space. The Arco lamp reproduction by Manhattan Home Design, an American store specialized in Mid-Century Modern pieces features a robust marble base of geometric proportions that makes it a striking object, not only because of the shape but also because this type of marble is very special. 

Carrara marble has a very important symbolic value since it’s the same type of marble used in ancient Greece and the Roman empire for the erection of architectural works and sculptures. Actually, various Michelangelo’s sculptures are made from this type of material, including the David sculpture, one of the Renaissance masterpieces. Thus, Carrara marble represents refined taste, status, power, and class.

After reaching very high popularity, many replicas of this piece began to appear on the market, offering an alternative for costumers at only a fraction of the cost of the original product. The Arco lamp replica marketed by Manhattan Home Design is one of the most affordable and faithful examples. If you’re currently in the process of decorating or remodeling your interior spaces, or if you’re exploring different decorative styles, this lamp is a mandatory reference of modernism and an excellent alternative that you can consider for your layout.