Receive Your Guests With A Stylish Entryway | Check These Mid-Century Chairs & Ideas (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about one of the most dynamic mid-century chair designs that are perfect for your entryway. Now, we want to show you another option in case that you like the lounge chairs models. Scroll down and get inspired by these entryway layouts.

The Egg chair is a very striking and elegant option

This chair is very likely that you have seen it before in a movie, restaurant or gallery. This is usually the center of attention wherever it has been implemented. This is why we believe that an Egg chair can be the best impression for your guests. Its long back, metallic details and leather or fabric material will make your entryway an elegant place with character. If you opt for this mid-century chair, it can be complemented with a side table, a stack of books or even a mirror on the wall.

Here are two examples of can you configure your entryway with an Egg chair and more elements: