3 Interesting Facts About The Le Corbusier Chair: LC2 Chair

As a famous architect of the mid-century modern style and a big contributor to Modern architecture is almost obvious that Le Corbusier should have some interesting facts behind the process creation of the LC2 chair.

The LC2 chair is one of the most iconic furniture creations of this very recognized architect and today we are going to share with you some facts that you probably don’t know about. Take a look at them!

The LC2 chair has 3 creators

Yes! Believe it or not, this midcentury chair was not a one-person creation, in fact, there were 3 architects involved in this design, which are; Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret, and the star of this article; Le Corbusier.

The LC2 chair was inspired in an English armchair 

The design was basically made in order to improve the English armchair structure, resulting in a form that remains according to minimalistic principles; simplicity and functionality.

The LC2 chair was created in the ’20s but is still reproduced

The Le Corbusier chair is an icon and is still reproduced by different manufacturers. If you are looking for an original piece you can find it under the Cassina brand, on the other hand, if you have a limited budget but still want this beauty, you can find a great replica at Manhattan Home Design.

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The Eames Lounge Chair: The Christmas Gift You Deserve

Have you been dreaming of the perfect Christmas gift for yourself for a long time? Make no mistake about it that an Eames Lounge Chair could perfectly be the Christmas gift you deserve to give yourself after such a difficult year in which you’ve passed so many tests! It’s never too late to seize the opportunity to have one of the most acclaimed pieces of furniture in history in your home. It’s no accident that Charles and Ray Eames are among the greatest American designers of the 20th century. Enjoying one of its most emblematic designs is a privilege that many dream of, that you also deserve.

The work of this pair of geniuses also extends to other disciplines and professional fields such as architecture, photography, and industrial design. Ray was passionate about the arts, and Charles an architectural expert, so they were able to combine their talents to create wonderful works. Together, they established a standard of design excellence that is still fully respected today even by products like the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, which is highly appreciated by today’s generations.

Plywood is one of the most attractive elements that’s also present in the Eames Lounge Chair reproduction. The properties of this piece took the old English club chair to the next level. This was one of the main ideas of the designers when they set out to start the development of this work, in the mid-1940s. The final result wouldn’t be presented until 1956, after years of effort. In doing so, they set a milestone in the modern chair concept and set a new benchmark for comfort.

The Barcelona Chair & More Lounge Chairs You Can Add To The Lounge (II/II)

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Now that we have talked about our main election for lounge chairs; the Barcelona chair, let’s see which other lounges chairs are available and waiting for you to take them to your lounge and enjoy their comfy design. 

Eames lounge chair & ottoman

It won’t be a section of lounges chairs without the Eames lounge chair, you have probably have seen this chair in 50’s movies and in the nowadays. This is an icon of a luxurious and comfortable chair, it has a kind of curved C that invites to lay down after a working day.

LC4 Chaise Lounge

This icon was designed in 1928 and a couple of years ago it was also known as the “relaxing machine”. 

Currently, its manufacturers are Cassina and each piece is signed and numbered. It comes in multiple presentations that include a wide range of upholstery, including cowhide with black leather headrest.


This chair is a great option if you want a chair to take naps between the breaks. Offers as much comfy as possible with its incredible and majestic circle shape. 

The Barcelona Chair & More Lounge Chairs You Can Add To The Lounge (I/II)

The lounge area is, according to the Oxford Languages is “a comfortable chair, typically upholstered, with side supports for a person’s arms”. 

So it’s basically a chair which is designed to provide you comfort while looking outstanding and beautiful. The lounge chair is typically used as the central point of any lounge, because -at least the following classics- are eyes’ a catchy.

These kinds of chairs due to their exclusivity are a bit higher on budget.

That being said, before continuing and show you the list of lounge chairs we have made, we would like to tell you that if you are looking for your dreamt lounge chair but you are on a budget you can opt for replicas of original pieces.

Some chairs replicas are made of high-quality materials, keeping the essence of the original designer, such is the case of the Barcelona chair replica from Manhattan Home Design. 

The Barcelona chair from Manhattan Home Design keeps the same beauty and elegance than original, the chair expires an organic and modern vibe represented by the classic materials used in the mid-century modern style; the stainless steel and leather.

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Set The Barcelona Chair As The Focal Point Of Your Lounge (II/II)

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That being said, the lounge chairs like the Barcelona chair are perfect to set as the focal point because they are normally very flashy and comfy. They work as a multifunctional piece where you can take naps, reading, sit back, and talking with friends.

But! Due to all things you can do with classic lounge chairs, you may find a problem when acquiring them, and that “problem” is related to the prices. Since we are talking about classic pieces the prices could be a bit higher than usual chairs.

If you are interested in placing a beautiful lounge chair into your lounge, we recommend you to consider the possibility of a lunge chair replica, specifically a Barcelona Chair replica. These pieces offer almost the same than original, such as:

  • Full-grain Italian leather.
  • Frame made a stainless steel frame.
  • High-quality cushions & more.

The best place to acquire a Barcelona chair replica is the Barcelona Designs website, take a look at them and let us know what you think in the comments!

Set The Barcelona Chair As The Focal Point Of Your Lounge (I/II)

Before diving into the list of elements to add to your living room, we believe that it is necessary to define what a living room means since it is usually confused with the term “living room”.

Although the living room area and the lounge are pretty similar, exist a couple of differences between both of them. To make you easy to understand, the lounge area is a more formal place, which is focused on providing a place to relax and talk.

That being said let’s check what you can do in order to enhance your lounge area either with a Barcelona chair or a table.

Set the Barcelona chair as the focal point of your Lounge

The Barcelona chair is also called a lounge chair, but what this exactly means? A lounge chair is “an armless recliner, normally paired with an ottoman, designed for relaxing”

Another important factor to considering when we are talking about lounge chairs is that they are don’t recline, they are originally built in a reclined position to sit back and relax. This is one of the main differences between a recliner and a lounge chair.

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A Modern Sofa Should Represent Your Personality and Your Tastes

The living room is, by definition, the heart of any modern home. We’re talking about a place that’s normally given multiple, very diverse uses: gatherings with friends, family meals, entertainment, games, and the place where most enjoy their favorite movies and TV series. Even in more recent times, the living room is for many, also, a home office and a reading room. Whether for mere leisure activities or professional tasks, a modern sofa is a necessary element in most of these spaces. In this sense, you have several options that can reinforce the style of your decorating style.

Decorating a living room with a midcentury sofa can be a great challenge for some, taking into account that there are many different models in thousands of stores, without taking into account the catalogs of the online stores. For example, a modern sectional is a convenient model for certain environments since it’s used to divide very large areas, or it can also be placed in a corner of the room to cover it and make the most of it. On the other hand, it’s not surprising that leather sofas have a notable role in many decorating styles since they work very well in open-concept designs.

Choosing the best sofas will be a much more simplified task if you already have in mind what you’d like to add to your environment. Remember that you can always choose something that best represents your personality and adds coherence, visual balance, and functionality to your layout.

Create A Reading Spot With A Barcelona Bench

Do you love reading? If yes, scroll down this may interest you!

Reading is the exercise for the brain, this activity involves several brain functions, including visual and auditory processes, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and more. That’s why is very important taking a few hours of the day to exercise our brain.

Like exercise, we go to the gym to have the best machines and equipment to train our body, for reading we also need a comfortable and adequate place.

To have the best possible alignment while reading, Dr. Heller recommends “sitting up as much as you can, rather than reading while lying down, and having your legs straight out if you’re in bed”. We all know that if we are in bed this difficult to follow, but that when it comes to the Barcelona bench.

The Barcelona bench is the perfect furnishing to creating the spot for reading because it will force you to maintain your back straight and your legs touching the ground. Among this, it has an outstanding design made by the famous Mies van der Rohe architect. 

This piece features beautiful, genuine Italian leather covering the exterior and leather is also used in the fasteners that wrap around the frame.

The Eames Lounge Chair Is The Most Admired Design In History

The Eames Lounge Chair has become a dream figure for practically any lover of design, especially those who identify with the Mid-Century Modern style. Fortunately, there are options such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, a product that costs much less than the original model, and that emulates its characteristics with great fidelity. Many people prefer to opt for an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction, but this is because they are probably not fully aware of the advantages that this can bring, especially if they don’t have a fortune to invest but still want to have a product that is just more similar and closer to this piece.

Some covet it primarily for its usefulness, but others acknowledge its artistic and aesthetic value. Much has been written about this model, and that leads one to think that it’s probably the most admired piece of furniture in history. Together with its ottoman, the work composes a product that’s desired by collectors, design enthusiasts, and has earned a place of honor in several major museums around the world, fame that quickly garnered after its introduction to the market in 1956.

More than sixty years later, the Eames Lounge Chair became a postwar symbol that conquered the tastes of the elite and the general public, regardless of professions, degrees of education, or professional fields. In one way or another, they all fell at its feet, bent over by its charms.

The Eames Lounge Chair: The Most Special Birthday Gift

The creators of the Eames Lounge Chair, Charles and Ray Eames, intended to provide a warm-looking piece that would serve as the perfect support for relaxation; an oasis amid hectic daily life. Expectations were far exceeded. So much so that they tried to enjoy themselves the benefits of their creation in their own home, like any other user who was surrendered at the feet of such a piece of luxury. It’s well known that this design was actually created with the special intention of making a birthday present. A gift that the famous couple wanted to make to one of their best friends.

That friend was nothing more and nothing less than Oscar-winning film director Billy Wilder. He was one of the first lucky people to have an Eames Lounge Chair in his home and to enjoy its benefits. Currently, the piece is a product that’s available to the public immediately thanks to models such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design. This Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is an affordable piece that faithfully emulates the experience of using the original design. The Eames Lounge Chair first saw the light of day before the public on one of the most famous television shows of the time: The Today Show.

In later years, the Eames Lounge Chair appeared in various other TV shows and movies. Today, the chair is arguably more revered even than when it was first released and has survived the years and fashions.