Looking For Multi-Functional Furnishing? Try A Barcelona Daybed & More!

Multifunctional furnishing refers to “pieces of furniture that fulfill their original function are hidden behind the large painting. Whether you actually intend to use it or display it for decorative purposes”. That’s why acquiring multi-functional furniture is always a great option when you like the minimalist design style, they are pretty versatile and can adapt to small spaces providing you different options but requiring just one element.

Having said that, furnishing such as modular and reconfigurable pieces offer different options in creating the design of your dreams, here are a few which currently are the favorites for this purpose:

Barcelona Daybed

The Barcelona daybed as its name says, you can use this element as a bed and a sofa, it’s very practical for people who own small spaces like apartments. This iconic furnishing features a high-end quality together with extreme comfort and elegance.

The Barcelona daybed replica sits upon on a tubular stainless steel base and features 72 individual panels of 100% Top-Grain Italian Leather. A great way to receiving guests and lay down to watch TV movies.

The coffee table that transforms into a chair

Perfect for New York apartment owners! Trying to save space is quite an art, so why not pick up a piece that you can use for essential activities in the living room, like holding drinks and sitting while watching TV.

Source: Contemporist

Mag table

Following the versatile coffee tables that can transform, we present you the Mag table which can provide you the functions of a coffee table and a desk.

Source: Offi

The ottoman (cubista)

This is an ottoman that comes with multiple chairs inside. Perfect for reunions!