Interested In The Egg Chair? Check Its Mainly Features & Ways To Acquire it (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about some facts about the Danish icon: the Egg chair. Now is time to continue with some other interesting facts and show you an affordable way to acquire them in case you can’t afford the original version. Scroll down and get to know the ways!

Created to meet needs

Plus, unlike overstuffed Victorian wing chairs, Jacobsen’s Egg chair is modern and stylish. This piece provides users with comfort and a sense of privacy, thanks to the way it beautifully envelops the human body.

The upholstered Egg Chair stunned critics, who allegate Jacobsen’s masterpiece with the geometric shapes that were quite popular at the time. He used curved shapes to bring out the sharp precision of his buildings.

So, how can you obtain it? There are two easy ways to take home this timeless piece. The first way is opting for the original version at Fritz Hansen or opting for the replica version from Manhattan Home Design. Both are great options to enhance your space in an iconic way. 

The Egg chair replica from Manhattan Home Design offers aniline leather and polyurethane as filler.