How To Combine A Gray Modern Sofa With Your Walls (II/II)

In the previous blog we took the Togo sofa as a reference to show you the classic way to combine a gray sofa with white walls.

Now is the time to show you other options to combine a gray sofa with your walls. In the following examples we continue to take the Togo sofa as a reference for a classic gray fabric sofa.

Another option that is perfect to contrast your gray furniture is warm earth tones. Tones such as brown, beige and champagne can perfectly balance with a sofa like the Togo sofa and in turn combine with the other elements that are in the room. In addition, these tones usually make your loved ones feel welcome.

Source: Pinterest

If neutral colors such as white, or warm such as browns are not your thing because you find them very boring, you can take a little more risk and choose colors like sage green. This adds a more upbeat yet peaceful vibe.

The last option is to choose blue shades, either baby blue or dark blue.