How To Combine A Gray Modern Sofa With Your Walls (I/II)

If you already purchased a gray sofa and want to learn how to decorate around it, this post is for you!

The gray sofa is usually a piece considered quite simple to decorate, since having such a neutral color, it is easy to complement the designs with accessories of an appreciable variety of colors.

However, decoration is a somewhat complicated process to do without prior help and planning, so looking at some images and checking which color palette is the right one is the right thing to do to get a beautiful design.

As a first example we will take our gray Togo sofa as a reference. This is a gray fabric sofa and big thick cushions.

White walls

Source: Studio x

One of the classic ways to combine a gray sofa like the Togo sofa that we are taking as a reference is by painting the walls white. These help make the space look clean and elegant.

White walls with gray sofas like the Togo sofa are also often used in modern and minimalist styles where sophistication and subtlety are a priority.

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