Eames Lounge Chair: a Piece That Says a Lot About You

When a piece of furniture includes the last name “Eames” in its trade name, you can expect great things from it. An Eames Lounge Chair is not only a good seat but also a piece with such outstanding aesthetic value that, precisely for this reason, it has earned a permanent seat at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Art Institute in Chicago.

Only this fact makes the chair a symbol capable of communicating many things at the same time, especially a great sense of taste and suggests a good knowledge about the MCM style and its most representative creations.

The admiration, sales, critical success, and popularity this chair achieved far outstrip the achievements of virtually any other piece of furniture. Also, a good quality replica like the one from Barcelona Designs is practically identical to the authentic design and only an expert could tell the difference.

The chair is sought after by collectors and fans of furniture design for its legendary track record. Its prestige gives it an added value that surpasses that of other pieces in its category. The best thing about having an affordable and faithful Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is that you can have all the charm and symbolic mysticism of this masterpiece without investing a fortune.