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3 Accessories You Can Add To Your Modern Sofa This Christmas (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked and showed how to decorate a Togo sofa with blankets, today we will keep the same Christmas decorating theme and show you how to implement accessories on your modern sofa to embrace the cozy Christmas vibes.

2. Add Christmas pattern cushions


Adding Christmas patterned cushions is one of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate your sofa. This is how the decoration of the living room really begins, enhancing the central element of this room.

In the example above you can see different patterns related to the season along with a very defined color palette made up of white and red.

3. Add the Christmas tree next to your sofa

Source: Love grows wild

By adding the tree near your sofa you will enhance that area but also the sofa itself. Since the sofa is usually the most used piece in the living room, it is a good idea to add it to the side so that people can enjoy and see all the details on your Christmas tree.

Comment below which was your favorite accessory to add to your modern sofa!

3 Accessories You Can Add To Your Modern Sofa This Christmas (I/II)

Christmas is here! It is almost magical to see how the environment changes drastically and you begin to perceive lights in the streets, Christmas trees everywhere, and if you are lucky; snow everywhere.

Therefore, to enjoy this beautiful season it is important to configure the interior design of your home, this way you can fully enjoy this magical season and really embrace the cozy and family vibes.

Today we have summarized a few simple ways to enhance your living room, specifically your modern sofa. As an example, we have taken the Togo sofa as a model to show you the arrangements you can do. 

Scroll down and choose your favorite! 

  1. Add blankets to your modern sofa to offer a warm support 

If you are one of the lucky people who live in countries where the snow comes out in December, you will notice cold days, so to stay warm try adding blankets on your modern sofa, this way you will also fully enjoy the weather.

Take a look at this example of a decorated Togo sofa:

Styling by Ruth Welsby.

Photos by Tom Blachford.

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Modern Furniture Frequently Asked Questions |Get To Know The Modern LC3 Sofa (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about how network communities have changed this time and which was the most iconic modern chair, which was the one and only LC2 chair made by Le Corbusier.

In this section, we will keep answering a few more doubts about modern furniture 

How does modern furniture look like?

To understand the appearance of modern furniture is important to understand the idea it is based on, this style has created with the objective of having workers working together with craftsmen to create functional furniture that has aesthetics. 

So this is basically a combination of functionality and a touch of art to create the whole structure, a great example of this is the LC3 sofa made by Le Corbusier, which has a very sophisticated and gorgeous appearance together with a functional space to receive few users supporting them in the comfiest way. 

If we summarize the characteristics of modern furniture we will have:

  • Clear lines and geometric figures
  • Material exposure like metals
  • Natural materials
  • Size and functionality

If you notice the LC3 sofa has all of them.

Where can I acquire modern furniture?

Two sites are the most used when it comes to modern furniture, they are:

  • Manhattan Home Design – Low/Medium budget
  • Knoll and Cassina – High budget

Modern Furniture Frequently Asked Questions | Get To Know The Modern LC2 Chair (I/II)

Get to know the LC2 chair by Le Corbusier and more favorite modern pieces by network communities. 

Today, information flows very differently than before. Now you can even find networking communities where you can ask questions about many topics, including lifestyle, photography, and even interior design.

The topic of interior design is one of the themes that are most seen in the aforementioned platforms, there you can find several questions related to furniture and advice/suggestions. Questions like “what is the best modern chair” or “what does a modern sofa look like” is just a couple of examples of people’s doubts.

As there are many questions on this topic, the objective of this blog is to summarize the most relevant ones and leave them in one place. Let us begin!

What is the most iconic modern chair?

This question has been taken from Quora. People respond that the most iconic modern chair is the one that sums up all the modern features in one piece. As Le Corbusier is recognized as the father of modernism, several users agreed that the LC2 chair – an element of the LC Collection – is a perfect and very iconic modern chair.

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Mario Bellini Sofa: Dimensions, Ways To Decorate Around It & More! (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about how to start a planning process from a sofa and the dimensions and appearance of the Mario Bellini sofa. Now, we’ve searched through Pinterest for amazing ways on how to implement a sofa as a centerpiece and then complement it with different types of art decor and accessories.

We must mention that the Mario Bellini sofa comes in different presentations; the fabric and the leather one, so in the next part of the blog you will see different colors and textures but they are related to the original design. 

Source: Photographed by @pablo.enriquez

This is the perfect example of a simple and natural look if you see, there are only two pieces of furniture; the Mario Bellini sofa and ottoman, but the way they integrated the plants and the frameless mirror create that kind of bohemian, relaxing vibe.

Source: Architectural Digest

This is a monochromatic style, if you notice, you see that you don’t need a lot of colors to create a harmonious and beautiful living room. The soft lines in the details and the paintings make the room look very elegant and vintage.

Mario Bellini Sofa: Dimensions, Ways To Decorate Around It & More! (I/II)

Planning a living room decor influenced by a designer piece is one of the ways that people begin this process. How exactly do this? Easy! Placing striking designer pieces that have had importance during history due to their classic and desired design just like a Mario bellini sofa.

A sofa is the main element of a living room, this is basically what helps a regular area to become one with a specific objective, in this case; providing an ideal space to be with family and friends which is why a living room exits. This is why you can start planning decor from the principal element; the sofa.

From the sofa, you can obtain the style you will implement, the color scheme, and the art accessories you can place. For example purposes, we have selected the Mario bellini sofa to show you how you can use this strategy. Let’s get started!

First of all, you must know the sofa that you will place as a centerpiece, so we are going to show you what Mario Bellini looks like and measure.


Height: 26.4”, width: 113.4”, depth: 37.8”

Click to know how to decorate with a Mario Bellini sofa.

Lighting, A Modern Chair & A Good Book Is All You Need To Spend The Quarantine

Quarantine driving you crazy? To be honest, at some point I was giving up and starting to get depressed, or maybe not depressed, but I was definitely having more anxiety than before the quarantine. I didn’t know what to do at the time until various suggestions from different people faithfully recommended spending time reading.

Reading offers a multitude of benefits, in fact, according to healthline one of the main ones are:

  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Combat the symptoms of depression.
  • It prevents cognitive decline as you age.

So that’s what I did, I started taking time to read books of different genres and I created a kind of reading corner, like? Taking my Florence Knoll armchair that is upholstered in leather and has these thick and comfortable cushions to support you for hours and hours without feeling uncomfortable, a beautiful arc lamp that combines with the aesthetics of the Florence Knoll armchair and its steel details; and my last but least element for my reading corner was my collection of books by Edgar Allan Poe.

I spent a week as a test and the changes are incredible, my anxiety decreased and my mood improved thanks to this small but significant tip.

Togo Sofa: Fabric Vs Leather, Which Is Better? (II/II)

Now, as we have discussed the benefits of fabric sofas, today we will continue to help you in the struggle caused by the selection process between a leather and fabric sofa.

Note: remember that there is no better option than another, what there is a piece that adapts more to your needs than the other.

We will keep the previous example of a Togo sofa, but this time the example will be a leather model. Some of the following features are from general leather sofas and other are only from the Togo sofa.

Leather Togo sofa: Pros

  • When it comes to quality, leather is generally considered at the top of the list. the Togo sofa is upholstered with aniline leather, this is one of the best qualities on the market, giving not only a strong but also natural texture.
  • According to experts, leather sofas can last up to four times longer than a fabric sofa. This benefit is due to the naturalness of the skin, it is resistant but flexible, this translates into a more durable material. So if you want to keep the same sofa for many years to come, a leather Togo sofa or any other leather sofa is the one for you!

Togo Sofa: Fabric Vs Leather, Which Is Better?

As you saw in today’s title, we are going to compare two different materials of the same sofa model: the Togo sofa. Although we write “which is better” the truth is that there is no better sofa than another! But we have placed it that way because people often ask themselves that question and don’t realize that the correct question is “which sofa best suits your needs”.

So that’s what we’re going to do today, we’ll show you the advantages of fabric and leather materials to make the process of choosing the sofa easier for you.

Let’s get into it!

Fabric Togo sofa: Pros

  • Perfect for families who don’t really want to create a formal design, so if you want to go for a casual design, fabric materials are right for you.
  • Scratching fabric sofas in the same way that you can scratch leather sofas is almost impossible.
  • You can find more options in color and patterns.
  • Easy to change the upholstery, if the sofa is leather, this becomes more difficult to do.

Click to see the benefits of a leather Togo sofa.

Do you prefer fabric or leather sofas? Comment below!

The Shell Chair Is The Element That Can Complement Any Mid-Century Layout

Surrondings in a family home by @assembledge and @fowlkesstudio. | Photo by @jenniferhughesphoto for @ruemagazine – Instagram

As a personal fan of mid-century furniture when I first saw the shell chair I thought that it was a fittable element in any mid-century layout. To explain this is important to first show you how can recognize a mid-century design or what features it normally offers.

The mid-century features are summarized in the following ones:

  • Simplicity: this style is influenced by minimalism, so the pieces that are cataloged as mid-century modern, normally the appearance is as simple as they can be.

  • Functionality: as this movement surged after the second world war, functionality is a must because at that time there wasn’t enough budget to acquire a lot of furniture pieces.

  • Materials: normally the materials used in this category are plate wood, steel, glass, leather, and a few more affordable components, due to the same aforementioned reason. 

Stunning home by and @sonjahawkins | Photo by: @jackiemeiring – Instagram

Now after looking at the main features of the mid-century modern style, you can see for yourself that the shell chair matches every feature. Its appearance is very simple and chic, it is made with a slightly curved back of molded oak plywood and you can implement it in any room!