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Thick Cushions, High-Quality Leather & More Features Is What A Togo Sofa Offers

If you love leather furniture pieces you will adore this modern sofa option we are going to introduce you to today.

The Togo sofa is a weird and modern piece made by the French designer; Michael Ducaroy. This versatile sofa is always standing out in the rooms; including living rooms, office and any other space. This model has fascinated people for 40 years with its beauty and impressive thick cushions. If you stop for a moment and analyze it, you will perceive some kind of insectoid and strange qualities that, as strange as it may seem, is the first thing that interior designers see and people like when they look at it for the first time.

The Togo sofa is not only an authentic design, it is also a versatile piece that works for baggy or minimalist bohemian interiors, rich in art: it is completely adaptable and could even be considered timeless as it works in modern and traditional places. And thanks to the aniline leather version, it can even pass through a hunting lodge. 

Plus! The aniline leather sofa is easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about clutter. 

Do you prefer fabric or leather Togo sofa? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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3 Trends For 2021 That Will Make You Love Mid-Century Modern Furniture (II/II)

We always recommend that users read the previous blog to be able to fully enjoy the following information, in this case, we recommend reading why multifunctional spaces will be a trend in 2021.

Soft colors

Now is the time to continue with the other two trends that we will see in 2021. The next trend we may not have seen coming because it is related to colors. This year we saw many earth colors in our furniture and even walls, this year you will see softer colors like blue, pink and those kinds of tones. As we mentioned earlier, this also includes furniture so you should choose products that suit it, like the Womb chair, which comes in a variety of colors including blue, green, and gray.

Bring nature inside

Organic is the trend now. Plants, cacti, succulents and more types are a great way to add that warm touch that your house needs, 2021 will be related to plants, so it is a good idea to decorate inside the house with them.

What do you think of all these trends? If you have a favorite or one to add, comment below which is it!

3 Trends For 2021 That Will Make You Love Mid-Century Modern Furniture (I/II)

2020 is already part of the past because we only have a few days to finish it. This is actually what most people wanted due to the chaos that this particular year brought, but hey! Not everything is bad, because within this chaos there is always new teaching and what matters most to us, lovers of interior design, a new trend.

The new trends for 2021 are things that you have probably seen before such as a Florence Knoll sofa or perhaps soft colors, today we will show you exactly the approach that will be given next year to new designs.

Multifunctional spaces

This specific trend was born in part due to the increase in home offices and also due to a large amount of time we are currently spending in our homes. For this and more, we need to meet different needs in one place.

For example, in a living room, you can also set up your own home office or homework spaces for the children. Multifunctional spaces also involve multifunctional furniture, such as the Florence Knoll sofa that you may not see at first glance but can function as a family sofa and even a bed when a guest is staying due to its spacious structure.

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Le Corbusier Furniture: The LC3 Sofa Is The Balance Between Sophistication & Comfort

Sophistication and comfort sometimes are all we want in a furniture piece when we have a minimalist or mid-century modern style in our layouts, but how can you achieve this? Is quite easy, normally it all remains in the focal point you implement in the space you are decorating. For example, if you are decorating a living room, people tend to add as a focal point a sofa because this is where most of the people share their time, resulting in perhaps the most often used piece of the house. 

If this is your case an LC3 sofa is the perfect option for you! This sofa belongs to the collections presented by the Le Corbusier group in 1928 called “cushion baskets”. This collection was a representation of modernism at the moment was created.

The LC3 sofa structure is perfect for elegant places because it is fully upholstered in aniline leather. In addition to this design was made in this way with the main idea to provide comfort from each of its parts.  

One of the most attractive of this sofa is its tubular structure that supports the soft seats and gives them an aesthetic that’s fully compatible with modern styles. 

Tips To Start Your 2021 Interior Decoration | Modern Sofas & More! (II/II)

In the previous post we talked about how you can start implementing the 2021 trends in your design, we also talked about how a Mario Bellini sofa can help you in the way you do it.

Today we will continue with the simple tips so that you do not have too many problems to start the new year.

The Togo sofa is another option when you want to implement modern vibes

The Togo sofa is almost the definition of modernism, its designer; Michael Ducaroy is really famous for making standout and raucous pieces. It has a very thick and comfortable cushions and it is also fully lined with aniline leather. This is also a modern option but with a boho touch.

Add a mat to complement and adhere to a pattern

As we said in the previous post, we mentioned that the mid-century modern style was the one that has increased in use and will be all the rage next year, so to combine this style the best way to go is by adding a simple accent like a geometric patterned rug with modern colors perhaps mid-century; which are basically yellow, red and brown.

Which 2021 tip was your favorite? Comment below!

Tips To Start Your 2021 Interior Decoration | Modern Sofas & More! (I/II)

Get to know which modern sofas and more pieces you can add to follow the 2021 trend!

Starting a year is always exciting! Don’t you think? You can set new goals,dreams, and even a new style when it comes to your closet or inside your home. For most people, it seems like a new beginning to do things right or differently than they did in previous years.

As we know how exciting but at the same time quite stressful it can be to implement a new style of interior decoration within your home, today we have decided to show some useful tips to adapt to the trends of 2021.

Let’s begin!

Rounded forms are on the top of the list, match this with a Mario bellini sofa

The rounded forms will be most this 2021 year because this is basically one of the main ways to represent modern concepts. The Mario Bellini sofa is the perfect piece when you want to initiate in modern furniture because it is not too striking.

It also offers an aniline leather which will give you a warm texture.

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Rounded Mid-Century Chairs To Feng Shui Your Living Room (II/II)

We recommend that you read the blog above because you will find plenty of information about what Feng Shui is really about and  Shell Chair is a complete option for Feng Shui in your living room. Now that you have in mind what rounded chairs should look like and why avoid hard edges, it’s time to move on to our list, let’s get started!

Egg chair is an eye-catching option

The Egg Chair is a classic piece that may be very familiar to you because it has been featured in multiple famous movies due to its flamboyant and striking shape. This piece is a pleasure to see because you can even appreciate the effort and dedication that Sarinseen has put into creating it.

The Egg chair has the exact rounded edges you need when Feng Shui your living room is the main goal, normally the rounded edges are needed because you create the illusion of welcome the positive energy and be open to new beginnings.

Note: It is also important to plan where to place strategically the furniture in order to cluttering or close space.

What do you think of these two options of rounded mid-century chairs? Comment below which one was your piece!

Rounded Mid-Century Chairs To Feng Shui Your Living Room (I/II)

Feng Shui has impacted western residential properties due to the likely harmonic vibrations it brings. Feng Shui is basically an Asian philosophy that focuses on integrating the individual and his environment to result in harmonious energy around him. This is a very old way of life that, although it was born in Asia, Western citizens are including it in their living space.

If you are a nub in Feng Shui or already know the basic theory about it, today we are going to help in your way to implement it into your living room through perfect chairs structures that fit its philosophy like the Shell chair.

So let’s get started with one of the favorite chairs when it comes to rounded edges; the Shell chair.

In Feng Shui, you should avoid straight edges or hard angles because they tend to create something called “poison arrows”, you don’t want this because they target negative energy directed at a single point.

So the best way to avoid this is by placing furniture just like the Shell chairs which is is a deeply dynamic piece that inspires both style and a sense of adventure into modern living and lounge areas.

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A Womb Chair & These Tips Is All You Need For Your WFH Setup! (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about what WFH means and what is the first step you must follow in order to create an optimized place for this specific purpose. Today we are going to continue with the same topic but this time we will talk about some of the essentials for any office.

Get to know the Womb chair and anchor term!

Add your Essentials around your anchor | You can opt for a lounge-type like the Womb chair

According to Leyden Lewis, an adjunct professor at The New York School of Interior Design and founder of his eponymous design studio, said that when adding the essentials you have to do it around an anchor. An anchor can be any focal point with eye-catching ends, architectural features, a lounge chair like the Womb chair, or even a plant! You have to select it according to your home design

On the other hand, if you own a small place and don’t have this kind of anchor at your house, it’s all right! You can work with more simple things like a desk or a chair. If the chair is a striking piece just like the Womb chair, it will be more than enough!

Among this, adding good lighting, a neutral color palette, and implementing a harmonious vibe will be the final touches to finish your workspace.

A Womb Chair & These Tips Is All You Need For Your WFH Setup! (I/II)

Try to set your WFH spot with a Womb chair and these tips!

Working from home or how it is now recognized; WFH has increased over the past 5 months due to pandemic reasons, this may seem to some like people as a benefit because finally, they got the time to create their own workspace. However, if you see it as a negative change, today’s blog will try to change your mind and receive with open arms this new alternative for work.

Creating a functional layout requires a bit of planning and time, what we wanted to share with you today is a few helpful tips to organize and finally create the WFH corner, let’s get started!

  1. Set your location

This is one of the main steps when planning your spot for work, when selecting your location or area for your workspace, try to think about your necessities before it, for example, if you live with various members of the family try to choose an isolated space where they can’t distract you. What also helps to concentrate better is choosing a chair that offers you privacy just like a Womb chair. 

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