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Is A Good Option Acquiring Furniture Online? Check Its Benefits (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about the first one on the list of benefits that buying furniture online brings us. Now is the time to proceed with other advantages that you should know. Let’s continue.

You can buy at any time of the day

This is something you cannot do with physical stores. A website must offer the service 24/7. So if you want to buy a piece of furniture in the early morning, morning or night … It is possible!

You can check a lot of reviews from real people

A royal review is always welcome when you are on your way to purchasing your modern sofa or any other piece of furniture. These reviews will give you an idea of ​​what you will get before you make the purchase. You can also find reviews of people who have been with the product for a long time, so you can get an idea of ​​its quality.

You can find lower prices

Since most online stores do not have a physical address, this means they do not pay rent. Because of this, prices may be lower than in physical stores.

You don’t have to deal with rudeness from some sellers

It is no secret to anyone that some sellers are in a bad mood or do not serve as the customer deserves when they want to make a purchase.

Is A Good Option Acquiring Furniture Online? Check Its Benefits (I/II)

The world of e-commerce is changing faster than we think. Especially in the field of furniture. For 2019 only the statistics were brutally changed compared to previous years, noting a considerable increase in electronic commerce in countries such as China, USA and Japan.

According to statista these were the predictions for 2019, so you may imagine how these numbers are going to increase this 2021 where everyone needs to stay at home. 

Source: Statista

So, if you are asking if purchasing your modern or mid-century sofa online is a good method, totally is! This method has a lot of benefits. Today we are going to introduce you to one the most relevant ones in case you are still struggling if acquiring a mcm sofa like a Florence Knoll sofa is a good idea. 

You can see a variety of options of stores, styles and prices.

By choosing this method, you can save a lot of time easily. Can you imagine how long it would take you to visit all the furniture stores near your home and see all the catalog they have? Save time searching websites!

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How A Togo Sofa Can Enhance Your Boho Decoration: Pinterest Ideas

In the previous post, we talked about the features that a Togo sofa has. In case you haven’t read it yet, we recommend you to do it in order to better know it. Now, is time to see a few Pinterest ideas that will help you to inspire you in your way of enhancing your boho decoration with a Togo sofa. But first, it is important to remind you what a Boho decoration should have, let’s see!

Characteristics of boho decoration

  • Bold and colorful patterns.
  • Vibrant colors and quirky accessories.
  • Floor cushions.
  • Earthy tones.
  • Moroccan elements and patterns.
  • Plants in the surroundings.

Boho decorations with a Togo Sofa

Source: Domino

This example has almost all the features we mentioned earlier. As you can see, it has vibrant colors in different places. The first you can perceive is definitely the emerald green of the fabric Togo sofa. It also has gorgeous plants and natural details around the whole living room. Is all about making a peaceful and relaxing place!

Source: Trouvé sur Pinterest / Olags

This is another example with more earthy colors and organic lines.

Source: Jonas Ingerstedt

How A Togo Sofa Can Enhance Your Boho Decoration: Getting To Know The Sofa

If you have never heard about the Togo sofa, today is the day! This icon piece was made by one of the most revolutionary designers from the modern era; Michael Ducaroy. The Togo sofa has made such an impact that during its 40 years being in the market, it is still being a very often used sofa in many places and designs, especially in boho ones. But, how is a Togo sofa?

Togo sofa structure and materials

This piece has a very particular structure where the most characteristic thing is its unstructured seat that creates a soft refuge for those who love a good cinema and a long talk between loved ones.

Features of the Togo sofa replica

  • Dimensions: Height: 28″, width: 34″, depth: 40″
  • Materials: Fabric, cotton, and leather.
  • Color: blue, black, beige, white, gray, green, and orange.
  • Designed primarily for indoors.

So, how can a Togo sofa help with your Boho style? Well, according to Better Homes & Gardens, Boho style is “the relaxed, global-inspired aesthetic bends traditional design rules to create a layered, personalized look”, and as you can see, the piece is perfectly fittable in this concept.

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The Shell Chair Is The Perfect Companion For Weekend At Home

Nowadays weekends are not like they use to be, we have changed parties for zoom meetings, going to the movies for staying at home watching Netflix, etc. So as right now you have to do common and ordinary things at home -like the aforementioned- we have would like to introduce you to the perfect companion to do all these and more activities at home. 

Today, we are introducing you to the Shell chair. Let’s take a look at it and then describe its features! 

Source: Domino

As you can see in the picture this stunning piece looks like the perfect support while you reading your favorite book or perhaps while seeing your favorite movie. The Shell chair is a mid-century icon that inspires both style and a sense of adventure into modern living and lounge areas. This piece together with a stylish lamp is all you need to create your “weekend corner”.

Main features of the Shell chair

  • Outstanding Top-grain Italian Leather Upholstery
  • High-Density Foam Padded Seat And Back
  • Mid-century Slightly Curved Back Made Of Oak Molded Plywood
  • Strong Reliable Base Made Of American Walnut
  • 4 Coats Of Italian Lacquer Finish
  • Minimal Assembly Required

Thick Cushions, High-Quality Leather & More Features Is What A Togo Sofa Offers

If you love leather furniture pieces you will adore this modern sofa option we are going to introduce you to today.

The Togo sofa is a weird and modern piece made by the French designer; Michael Ducaroy. This versatile sofa is always standing out in the rooms; including living rooms, office and any other space. This model has fascinated people for 40 years with its beauty and impressive thick cushions. If you stop for a moment and analyze it, you will perceive some kind of insectoid and strange qualities that, as strange as it may seem, is the first thing that interior designers see and people like when they look at it for the first time.

The Togo sofa is not only an authentic design, it is also a versatile piece that works for baggy or minimalist bohemian interiors, rich in art: it is completely adaptable and could even be considered timeless as it works in modern and traditional places. And thanks to the aniline leather version, it can even pass through a hunting lodge. 

Plus! The aniline leather sofa is easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about clutter. 

Do you prefer fabric or leather Togo sofa? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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3 Trends For 2021 That Will Make You Love Mid-Century Modern Furniture (II/II)

We always recommend that users read the previous blog to be able to fully enjoy the following information, in this case, we recommend reading why multifunctional spaces will be a trend in 2021.

Soft colors

Now is the time to continue with the other two trends that we will see in 2021. The next trend we may not have seen coming because it is related to colors. This year we saw many earth colors in our furniture and even walls, this year you will see softer colors like blue, pink and those kinds of tones. As we mentioned earlier, this also includes furniture so you should choose products that suit it, like the Womb chair, which comes in a variety of colors including blue, green, and gray.

Bring nature inside

Organic is the trend now. Plants, cacti, succulents and more types are a great way to add that warm touch that your house needs, 2021 will be related to plants, so it is a good idea to decorate inside the house with them.

What do you think of all these trends? If you have a favorite or one to add, comment below which is it!

3 Trends For 2021 That Will Make You Love Mid-Century Modern Furniture (I/II)

2020 is already part of the past because we only have a few days to finish it. This is actually what most people wanted due to the chaos that this particular year brought, but hey! Not everything is bad, because within this chaos there is always new teaching and what matters most to us, lovers of interior design, a new trend.

The new trends for 2021 are things that you have probably seen before such as a Florence Knoll sofa or perhaps soft colors, today we will show you exactly the approach that will be given next year to new designs.

Multifunctional spaces

This specific trend was born in part due to the increase in home offices and also due to a large amount of time we are currently spending in our homes. For this and more, we need to meet different needs in one place.

For example, in a living room, you can also set up your own home office or homework spaces for the children. Multifunctional spaces also involve multifunctional furniture, such as the Florence Knoll sofa that you may not see at first glance but can function as a family sofa and even a bed when a guest is staying due to its spacious structure.

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Le Corbusier Furniture: The LC3 Sofa Is The Balance Between Sophistication & Comfort

Sophistication and comfort sometimes are all we want in a furniture piece when we have a minimalist or mid-century modern style in our layouts, but how can you achieve this? Is quite easy, normally it all remains in the focal point you implement in the space you are decorating. For example, if you are decorating a living room, people tend to add as a focal point a sofa because this is where most of the people share their time, resulting in perhaps the most often used piece of the house. 

If this is your case an LC3 sofa is the perfect option for you! This sofa belongs to the collections presented by the Le Corbusier group in 1928 called “cushion baskets”. This collection was a representation of modernism at the moment was created.

The LC3 sofa structure is perfect for elegant places because it is fully upholstered in aniline leather. In addition to this design was made in this way with the main idea to provide comfort from each of its parts.  

One of the most attractive of this sofa is its tubular structure that supports the soft seats and gives them an aesthetic that’s fully compatible with modern styles. 

Tips To Start Your 2021 Interior Decoration | Modern Sofas & More! (II/II)

In the previous post we talked about how you can start implementing the 2021 trends in your design, we also talked about how a Mario Bellini sofa can help you in the way you do it.

Today we will continue with the simple tips so that you do not have too many problems to start the new year.

The Togo sofa is another option when you want to implement modern vibes

The Togo sofa is almost the definition of modernism, its designer; Michael Ducaroy is really famous for making standout and raucous pieces. It has a very thick and comfortable cushions and it is also fully lined with aniline leather. This is also a modern option but with a boho touch.

Add a mat to complement and adhere to a pattern

As we said in the previous post, we mentioned that the mid-century modern style was the one that has increased in use and will be all the rage next year, so to combine this style the best way to go is by adding a simple accent like a geometric patterned rug with modern colors perhaps mid-century; which are basically yellow, red and brown.

Which 2021 tip was your favorite? Comment below!