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Knowing 5 Types Of Ottomans | Barcelona Ottoman & More

An ottoman is a kind of chair with no back and most of the time without arms. This small and low upholstery seat that’s normally placed in front of sofas, chairs, and tables has been the perfect complement in any living room due to its multiples functions and different kind of touches that provides to the living room vibe.

Since the 19th century, the Ottoman has undergone different changes and transformations causing today there are different types and brands of Ottomans such as the Barcelona Ottoman model. So let’s start by presenting the 5 most recognized types:

Standard – Square and rectangular

How to determine a standard model? This type of ottomans is defined by having a padded surface on a sturdy base, in a square or rectangular shape. Like the Barcelona ottoman that in addition to comfort gives us a comfortable and elegant appearance.

Pouf – Round shapes

You recognize the pouf models because they have very round particular shapes. They perfect for seating while watching a movie with friends or family


Recently this model has exponentially grown its reproduction and popularity. The modular shape lets you place plenty of these in the arrangement that you want; which means they can be freely stacked, arranged, and reused.

How To Do Home Improvement With A Barcelona Bench & More Accessories

It is always good to improve any room in the house, it can not only bring you comfort and style, but also personal satisfaction. The point is, you don’t have to be an interior design professional to achieve your dream design!

Following some guidelines and adding featured furniture and accessories can help us in this process.

Here are some ideas you can use to improve your current design:

Place elegant furniture – Choose versatile pieces.

The best way to do this is by purchasing replicas from well-known furniture designers on reputable websites like Barcelona Designs. For example, one of the luxury furniture replicas that is always good to have is the Barcelona bench. It will match your complementary or monochromatic palette due to its neutral colors.

Paint the walls – Enliven your surroundings with color!

You can add vibrant colors to one of the walls to bring out the personality of the house. For example, if you have indoor plants, I recommend adding light green paint to at least one wall (the one that is normally chosen is the one behind the television)

Adding some lighting

You can add beautiful lamps such as an arc lamp or one made of glass. It depends on the style you have!

5 Coffee Tables to Add to Your Living Room | The Barcelona Table & More!

Have you ever noticed the importance of a coffee table? 

A coffee table is a kind low table that is designed to be placed in front of a sofa or upholstered chairs for a comfortable drink holder; remote controls, magazines, books & other small accessories.

Coffee tables come in different sizes and shapes, and their prices vary depending on the model and brand you select. The other factor that influences the price is the material, usually the coffee tables are made of wood, metal, and glass.

Today we’re going to talk about the last type we mentioned; the glass table. And what a better way to start than showing you the Iconic Barcelona Table made by Mies van der Rohe; one of the most recognized architectures designers from the mid-century movement.

1. The Barcelona Table

It is made by a stainless steel base supporting a 1/2″ thick tempered glass with 1/8″ beveled edges. It features a visual manifestation of Mies’ signature stylized cross form base made from hand-polished #304 stainless steel flat stock 

The frame: This amazing part of the table is ground and buffed by hand to achieve a mirror finish, giving you an aesthetic and beautiful vibe!

Still, want to see more glass tables? Take a look at these treasures:

All of these 3 amazing furniture have in common three things: Glass, steel details and style!

2. Vienna round coffee table

round glass table with steel details

3. Parker satin nickel coffee table

round glass double table with steel details
Source: home depot

4. Anndale coffee table

square glass table with chrome steel details
Source: overstock

Comment below which is your favorite!

Barcelona Ottoman | 3 Reasons Why You Need One!

The Barcelona Ottoman was originally created for the attendants to the king and queen of Spain, it was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and still continues to shows as an icon of mid-century style and modern furniture. 

Let’s talk about its materials. This is made by a single Spinneybeck cowhide and supported by a polished chrome frame hand-buffed to perfection. It is filled with high-quality, resilient urethane foam and with down-like dacron polyester fiberfill.

Before showing you the reasons why you need one of these, we must tell you that if you like to save space and feel comfortable at the same time, the Barcelona ottoman is perfect for you! With its small but sufficient dimensions, it could create the elegant environment that you want so much.

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy it:

  1. An ideal companion to any of Barcelona collection pieces. If you’re a Mies fanatic, you have to own one of his masterpieces.
  2. Ideal for any room environment – Even if you’re decorating your living room, home office, or bedroom, the small Barcelona ottoman will fit accordingly with your refined vibe. 
  3. Provides the same royal sense of luxury and elegance to your home or office.